Zhao Ge 2020 Chinese TV series Synopsis And Cast

Zhao Ge 2020 (Chinese drama)

Poster Zhao Ge 2020, poster
Native Title 朝歌
Subtitle English
A.k.a Sun Song, Meng hui zhao ge, 梦回朝歌
Directors David Liu
Screenwriters Yu Zheng
Genres Romance, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Historical
Country China
Episodes 50
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Network iQiyi
Duration 45 minutes

Synopsis: Zhao Ge

Zhaoge drama is a rising Chinese TV series composed and produced by Yu Zheng; with Zhang Zhehan and Wu Jinyan. The series is set in the later years of the shang dynasty and rotates around the life of ji fa as a hostage in zhaoge and his voyage to turn into an incredible ruler. It concerns fantasy elements from Investiture of the Gods.
During the Shang Dynasty, the capital of China was moved to Zhaoge in the hope that the city would become prosperous. However, the rule of King Zhou of Shang brought the livelihood of the people into a desperate state through warfare. Fortunately, the son of King Zhou of Shang also owned the son of King Wen of Zhou, Ji Kao. Ji Kao was on good terms with King Zhou's son, Yin Jiao, who wanted to save the people from their fate. Ji Kao finally settled down and relegated to the status of a slave, but was rescued by Yin Jiao. During the flight Ji Kao met Jiang Ziya, Nezha and Yang Jian who helped him. A long time later, Ji Kao had changed the name to Ji Fa and drove 800 feudal princes to suppress King Zhou, prompting to the destruction of the Shang Dynasty. Yin Jiao turned against Ji Fa, whom he accused led his mother to her death. This eventually led to the suicide of Yin Jiao. Ji Fa eventually took off and became King Wu of Zhou, recalling that he had to bear in mind his shared dream with Yin Jiao to lift the people to a better future.

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Main Character

 Zhao Ge, lead role Zhang Zhe Han as Ji Fa
 Zhao Ge, lead role Wu Jin Yan as Da Ji
 Zhao Ge, lead role Bao Jian Feng as Di Xin
 Zhao Ge, lead role Yalkun Merxat as Wu Geng
 Zhao Ge, lead role Gillian Chung as He Sang
 Zhao Ge, lead role Xu Kai as Yang Jian (General of Xiqi State)

Supporting Cast

  • Chen Shu as Nu Wa (Goddess)
  • Wu Jia Yi as Yi Jiang (later Queen of Zhou)
  • You Wei Lin as Jiang Shang (Nobleman, assisted Ji Fa)
  • Liu Min as Chao Xi (Queen of Shang)
  • He Vincent as Shen Gong Bao (Shang Kingdom Advisor)
  • Hai Lu as Yun Jin
  • Anson Shi as Nezha (Li Jing's third son)
  • Johnny Bai as Master Xu (Professor)
  • Nan Fu Long as General Huang Fei Hu
  • Deng Sha as Ma Ying Shuang
  • Bai Lu as Deng Chan Yu (Wife of Tu Xing Sun)
  • Liu Prince (Grandmaster of Jie Taoism Sec
  • Zhao Yi Qin as Long Zi
  • Wen Zheng Rong as Lady Si
  • Hong Yao as Yun Teng
  • Sun Shao Long as Tu Xing Sun
  • Wang Mao as Lei Li Jing
  • Calvin Zheng as Ji Chang (King Wen of Zhou)
  • Puff Kuo as Yan Jiu
  • Angelina Jiang as Ling Er
  • Karlina Zhang as Qi Meng
  • He Hong Shan (Host)
  • Liu En Shang as A Bao
  • Lian Lian as Consort Huang (Huang Fei Hu's sister)
  • Wang Yi Zhe as Lei Zhen Zi (Ji Chang's Godson)
  • Sun Ao as Long Zhan
  • Yang Yu Lan (Yan Jiu's Mother-in-law)
  • Zhang Nan as Long Nu
  • Gao Yu Er as He Yin
  • Yang Cai Ying as Aunt
  • Tan Florence as Pian Pian
  • Liu Ze Qun as Wu Ji (Jiang Ziya's disciple)

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