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The Love of Hypnosis 2019 drama Synopsis And Cast

The Love of Hypnosis 2019 (Chinese drama)

Poster The Love of Hypnosis 2019, Chinese drama, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 南烟斋笔录
Subtitle English
Alternative title Records of the Southern Mist House, Records of Nanyan Studio
Directors iu Hai Bo
Screenwriters 📝
Genres Romance, Historical, Supernatural
Country China
Episodes 16
Release Date Dec 31-2019 ? 📝
Airs On 📝
Network 📝
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: The Love of Hypnosis

It is towards the end of the Qing Dynasty start of another time. Ye Shen is a youngster who loves his nation. He runs into with Lu Man Sheng, the proprietor of a fragrance store, due to a misunderstanding. Lu Man Sheng has an unusual vocation because she is able to help men and women who suffer from heart problems. Regardless of how their love story ends, she leads them to a place of peace and without regret. Just as Lu Man Sheng helps the people around her, she notices that she also faces the same pitfalls when it comes to her own romance with Ye Shen. `The Love of Hypnosis 2019 Chinese drama Adapted From A Manhua

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Main Cast: The Love of Hypnosis

Crystal Liu

Crystal Liu as Lu Man Sheng / Ye Mo Luo

Jing Bo Ran

Jing Bo Ran as Ye Shen

Co-Stars: The Love of Hypnosis

Vernon Jin as Yuan Shi Chen | Zhao Li Xin as Wei Zhi Shen | Wei Da Xun as Zhao Xin Zhi | Liu Min Tao as Yun Niang / Liang Zi | Baby Zhang as Dai Wan Qing | Xuan Lu as Yan Su Wei | Tang Zi Yue | Wang Kai Ying as Song Qing / Song Lian | Li Meng Ying as Lu

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