Who Knows 2021 (Korean Drama) Synopsis & Cast

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Who Knows (Korean drama)
Poster Who Knows 2020, Korean Drama, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 알게 뭐야
Subtitle English
A.k.a Who The Hell Even Knows, What's There To Know
Directors -
Screenwriters -
Genres Music
Country South Korea
Episodes 16
Release Date 2021
Airs On
Network -
Duration -


There's a new adaptation from webtoon to drama in the works that fits into a well-known niche like a childhood drama about music and romance, but it offers something else: it's about an awkward teenage boy who becomes a superhero of hip hop musicians. Cool. Kim Jae-han's web tone is called Who Knows, a slang-like phrase that is used in many different ways, from 'what's to know' to 'who knows hell even', and it's a high school romance that cleverly integrates music as part of the webtone reading experience.

Main Cast

Ji Soo Ji Soo as Kim Won Joon

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