Convenience Store Saet Byul (2020) Cast, Synopsis & Release date

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Drama info: Backstreet Rookie 2020

South Korean Actor
Native Title
편의점 샛별이
Alternative title
Convenience Store Saet Byul, Convenience Store Morning Star,
Convenience Store, Pyeonuijeom Saetbyeoli,
Convenience Store Kyunbyeol, Convenience Store Venus, Backstreet Rookie
Lee Myung Woo
Son Geun Joo
Action, Comedy, Romance
South Korea
Release Date
JJun 19, 2020 / Aug 8, 2020
Airs On
Saturday, Friday
60 min.

Synopsis: Backstreet Rookie 2020

Choi Dae Hyun encounters a group of feminine highschool students, together with Jung Saet Byeol. The ladies seem like troublemakers. Jung Saet Byeol asks Choi Dae Hyun to do a looking for them, namely to buy cigarettes at a convenience store. Choi Dae Hyun buys the cigarettes for them and Jung Saet Byeol gets his cell phone number, but he never gets a call from her. 4 years later, Choi Dae Hyun is now 33 years old. He runs a small supermarket after quitting his job at a large company. He is looking for a part-time employee to work the night shift at his convenience store. Jung Saet Byeol comes to his shop and soon she starts working there. She is no longer a troublemaker. Jung Saet Byeol is now a university student and is guided by her strong morals.

Main Cast: Backstreet Rookie 2020

South Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook as Choi Dae Hyun
South Korean Actress Kim Yoo Jung as Jung Saet Byul

Supporting characters: Backstreet Rookie 2020

Han Sun Hwa as Yoo Yeon Joo || Sol Bin Jung as Eun Byul

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