When My Love Blooms (2020) Cast, Synopsis & Release

Drama info: When My Love Blooms 2020

Cast, Synopsis, Release
Native Title
Alternative title
The Happiest Time of Our Lives, Hwayang Yeonhwa, Hwayang Softening,
The Most Beautiful Time in My Life, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life,
Blossom, The Most Beautiful Days in Life
Son Jung Hyun
Jun Hee Young
Romance, Melodrama
South Korea
Release Date
Apr 25, 2020 / Jun 14, 2020
Airs On
Saturday, Sunday
1 hrs.

Synopsis: When My Love Blooms 2020

The show is an emotional melodrama depicting the reunion of past lovers during their 40s. This is a melodramatic story about first love. Han Jae Hyun, son-in-law of the chairman of the JS group. He was an active demonstrator during college and has a passion for life. But as he got older, he only wanted money and power. Yoon Ji Soo, from a family with a good background. However, she became a single mother and struggles in life after her family's accident. [Source: kdramastars]

Main Cast: When My Love Blooms 2020

South Korean actor Yoo Ji Tae as Han Jae Hyun
South Korean actress Lee Bo Young as Yoon Ji Soo
South Korean actor Park Jin Young as Han Jae Hyun
South Korean actress Jeon So Nee as Yoon Ji Soo

Supporting characters: When My Love Blooms 2020

Park Shi Yeon as Jang Seo Kyung || Kim Young Hoon as Lee Se Hoon || Go Woo Rim as Lee Young Min || Lee Tae Sung as Joo Young Woo || Min Sung Wook as Lee Dong Jin || Moon Sung Geun as Jang San || Jang Gwang as Yoon Hyung Koo || Woo Jeong Won as Yang Hye Jung || Lee Byung Hun as Joo Young Woo || Eun Hae Sung as Lee Dong Jin || Kim Joo Ryung as Sung Hwa Jin
Son Sook as Guest
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