My Roommate is a Detective (2020) Cast & Synopsis

Drama info: My Roommate is a Detective 2020

Cast, Synopsis, Release date
Native Title
Alternative title
Min Guo Qi Tan
Zhang Wei Ke (张伟克)
Action, Suspense, Adventure, Thriller,
Mystery, Comedy, Detective, Investigation
Release Date
Ma/24/2020 - Apr/23/2020
Airs On
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
45 min.

Synopsis: My Roommate is a Detective 2020

The drama basically tells about the 14th year of the Republic of China, the return of the coed from the United Kingdom, Yu Gong Zi, with his high IQ and reasoning talent, was invited by the inspector of the patrol house, Qiao Chu Sheng. After that, the two men teamed up with female journalist Bai You Ning, who formed a sense of justice, to form a detective team. They discovered a murderous murder case. The three people with different personalities maintained justice in the chaos and maintained social stability.

Main Cast: My Roommate is a Detective 2020

Chinese actor Hu Yi Tian as Lu Yao
Chinese actor Leon Zhang as Qiao Chusheng
Chinese actress Shane Yan as Bai Youning

Supporting characters: My Roommate is a Detective 2020

Zhang Hui Zhong as Bai Qili Bai Youning Father || Vera Lu as Meng Xiaoyun || Qiao Jun Da as Coroner || Shi Liang as Lu Zifu || Zhang Zhi Wei as Hu Zhuxuan || Jennifer Ding as Wan Ying || Long De as Ah Long || Yanguozhang Zhao as Chen Qiu Sheng || Li Bao Min as A Fu || Wang Yi Ran as Jiang Zhi Qing

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