Are We In Love? (2020) Cast, Synopsis & Release date

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Movie info: Are We In Love? 2020

Cast, Synopsis, Release data
Native Title
사랑하고 있습니까?
Alternative title
Saranghago Issseubnikka, Are You In Love?
Romance, Fantasy
South Korea
Release Date
1 hr. 47 min.

Synopsis: Are We In Love? 2020

So Jung works in Seung Jae's cafe. So Jung is a 'romantically challenged' girl who has been in love with her boss Seung Jae for a long time and yet remains ordinary and never dresses up to impress. The film, which initially shifts from naively hopeful and lovingly innocent, will show So Jung changing after accidentally meeting an old lady. This leads to a series of unexpected events that make So Jung an adult woman.

Main Cast: Are We In Love? 2020

South Korean Actor Sung Hoon as Seung Jae
South Korean Actress Kim So Eun as So Jung

Supporting characters: Are We In Love? 2020

Kim Sun Woong as Byung Oh || Kim So Hye as An Na || Pyun Bo Seung || Im Jae Geun || Kim Ki Hyun
Alex as Man in park || Hong Sung Sook as Caregiver || Im Joon Hyuk as Stall man || Shin Jung Yoon as Huting man || Jeon Mi Seon as So Jung's mother
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