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Drama info: Time to Hunt 2020

Cast, Synopsis, Release date
Native Title
사냥의 시간
Alternative title
Sanyangeuisigan, The Night of the Hunter, Sanyangui Shigan, Time of Hunting,
Hunting Time
Yoon Sung Hyun
Yoon Sung Hyun
Thriller, Crime
South Korea
Release Date
Apr 10, 2020
2 hr. 14 min.

Synopsis: Time to Hunt 2020

In the near future, Korea was hit by a financial crisis and slums are emerging. From those areas, in a hopeless city, Jun Seok, who has been released from prison, plans a dangerous operation for a new life with his family-like friends, Jang Ho, Ki Hoon and Sang Soo. However, expectations for the future are short-lived, and an unidentified pursuer appears and begins to haunt them in search of their lives. Can your friends who are each other's world escape his hunt?

Main Cast: Time to Hunt 2020

South Korean Actor Ahn Jae Hong as Jang Ho
South Korean Actor Lee Je Hoon as Joon Suk
South Korean Actor Choi Woo Shik as Gi Hoon
South Korean Actor Park Jung Min as Sang Soo
South Korean Actor Park Hae Soo as Han
South Korean Actor Bae Je Ki

Supporting characters: Time to Hunt 2020

Jeon Woon Jong || Choi Hee Do (Guest role)

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