The World of My 17 (2020) Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary

Plot synopsis and brief summary

It tells the heartfelt story of friendship and growth in high school, where friends form the world.

The World of My 17” (Hangul: 소녀의 세계) is a 2020 Korean television series It is based on the Naver webtoon of the same title by Morangg. Directed by Choi Sun Mi, the series stars Arin (Oh Na Ri), Hwang Bo Reum Byul (Im Yoo Na), Han Chae Kyung (Seo Mi Rae) and Kim Do Ah (Im Sun Ji). “The World of My 17” aired on tvN & vLive Televisions

Cast, poster, synopsis
Native Title
소녀의 세계
Girl's World, Odd Girl Out, Sonyeoui Segye, sonyeoeui segye, The World of My Seventeen
Choi Sun Mi
Choi Sun Mi
Friendship, Comedy, School, Life
South Korea
Release Date
Apr 22, 2020 / May 15, 2020
Airs On
vLive, Naver TV Cast
15 min.

Synopsis: The World of My 17 2020

"The World of My 17" tells the story of four high school friends and their struggles, disappointments and fond memories as they grow together and learn to become true friends. Oh Na Ri is a high school freshman who feels confident after successfully losing weight. However, her self-esteem is lowered by beautiful girls she meets called Im Yoo Na, Im Sun Ji and Seo Mi Rae. Although she dreams of a normal school life, she is faced with countless trials. Im Yoo Na is Na Ri's girlfriend and a stylish girl. She does not lack any aspect, whether it be her appearance or her family background. However, she is exhausted from fake people around her. She only considers Na Ri to be her only true friend. Im Sun Ji, who looks innocent but is up front to stand up for Na Ri when she gets in trouble. Seo Mi Rae is a popular girl among the students. Although busy as an idol intern, she becomes curious about Na Ri after realizing how much Yoo Na admires her.

Main Cast: The World of My 17

The World of My 17, Cast, Starring Arin as Oh Na Ri
The World of My 17, cast, starring Hwang Bo Reum Byul as Im Yoo Na
The World of My 17, cast, starring Han Chae Kyung as Seo Mi Rae
The World of My 17, cast, starring Kim Do Ah as Im Sun Ji

Supporting characters: The World of My 17

Ryeoun as Yoo Jin Hyuk || Viini as Jung Woo Kyung || Kim Min Ah as Kim Soo Bin

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