Love in Between 2020: Cast, plot synopsis and summary

Basic information

Love in Between” (Chinese: 一寸相思) is a 2020 upcoming Chinese web series based on novel Zi Wei Liu Nian. Directed by Mao Kun Yu and written by Wu Tong, the series starred Zhang Yao ( Zuo Qing Ci) and Zhang Ya Qin (Su Yun Luo/Fei Kou Er) in the leading roles, “Love in Between” aired on Tencent Video & Youku for 36 episodes. (Basic information)

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Native Title 一寸相思
Subtitle English
A.k.a Yi Cun Xiang Si
Directors Mao Kun Yu
Screenwriters Wu Tong
Genres Wuxia, Romance, Historical, Adventure
Country China
Episodes 43
Release Date Jun 8, 2020 / Jul 6, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Network Tencent Video & Youku
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot synopsis and summary

Love in Between: While looking for a missing role from a prized landscape painting, Zuo Qing Ci, a young nobleman disguised as a skilled physician, meets Fei Kou'er, a thief who is a master of disguise and skilled in Qinggong. She is later revealed as Su Yun Luo, a young girl who steals valuable medicines from various sects to save her teacher. Zuo Qing Ci steps into the dark waters of the boxing world to help Su Yun Luo, realizing too late that his actions have caused the deaths of his loved ones by political rivals. Zuo Qing Ci eventually decides to go into politics to avenge the deaths of his family members and purge the court of corrupt officials once and for all. (Love in Between plot. synopsis. summary)

Main Cast

Love in Between main lead role Zhang Yao as Zuo Qing Ci
Love in Between main lead role Zhang Ya Qin as Fei Kou'er | Su Yunluo

Supporting cast

  • Huang Hai Bing as Su Xuan
  • Stephanie Xu as Xie Jiang Er
  • Zhou Ting Wei as Wen Si Yuan
  • Deng Yu Li as Shen Manqing
  • Sean Zheng as Yin Chang Ge
  • Shi Yun Peng as Zhu Yan
  • Dong Yan Lin as Jing An Hou
  • Lu Xing Yu as Lord of Wei Ning
  • Dong Yan Lin as Jing An Hou
  • Sun Yi Fan Chu as Tian Jing

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