Mothers 2020, Cast, plot synopsis and brief summary

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Plot synopsis and brief summary

Mothers 2020” (Hangul: 외출) is an upcoming tvN special Korean drama directed by Jang Jung Do and Ryu Bo Ri, the series starred Kim Tae Hoon (Lee Woo Cheol) and Han Hye Jin (Han Jung Eun) in the leading roles. It aired on May 4, 2020 as part of Drama Special

Poster Mothers drama poster
Native Title 외출
Subtitle English
A.k.a A Night Out, Go Out, Oechul
Directors Jang Jung Do
Screenwriters Ryu Bo Ri
Genres Family
Country South Korea
Episodes 2
Release Date May 4, 2020 / May 5, 2020
Airs On
Network tvN
Runtime 60 min.

Synopsis: Mothers

Han Jung Eun has been married to Lee Woo Cheol for 14 years and they have a daughter. Lee Woo Cheol works as a PD at a radio station. Han Jung Eun is busy looking after their family and working as well, so her mother Choi Soon Ok comes to Seoul to help her. Suddenly, the family has a tragedy. Han Jung Eun and her mother Choi Soon Ok must face the truth from that day forward.

Main Cast: Mothers

Outing drama lead role Han Hye Jin as Han Jung Eun
Outing drama lead role Kim Tae Hoon as Lee Woo Cheol

Supporting characters: Mothers

  • Kim Mi Kyung as Choi Soon Ok
  • Kim Jung Hwa as Oh Min Joo
  • Yoon So Hee as Shin So Hee
  • Song Da Eun as Lee Woo Kyung

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