The Best of You All Over the World (2020) Cast & Plot synopsis and brief summary

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Plot synopsis and brief summary

“The Best of You All Over the World” (Chinese: 全世界最好的你) is a 2020 Chinese television series based on Zhu Yi's novel Naiyou Wei Anlian (奶油味暗恋). Directed by Su Haoqi and written by Zhao Xiaying, Tao Chengxiu and Chen Yayi. “The Best of You All Over the World” series aired on Youku from Apr 10, 2020 to May 6, 2020, on Friday, Monday and Tuesday for 24 episodes.
Cast, Synopsis, release date
Native Title
Alternative title
Quan Shi Jie Zui Hao De Ni, The Best of You in My Mind, The best of you in the world
Su Haoqi
Zhao Xiaying, Tao Chengxiu, Chen Yayi
Romance, Comedy, Life, School, Sports, Youth
Release Date
Apr 10, 2020 / May 6, 2020
Airs On
Friday, Monday and Tuesday
45 min.

Synopsis: The Best of You All Over the World 2020

A story follows two childhood friends, a young woman from a broken family and a cocky archer, as they fall in love. When they were in college, Lin Xi Chi loses a month's living expenses due to a bet on an arm wrestling match with Xu Fang. Their relationship as debtor and debtor brings the two closer together. Lin Xi Chi can always trade around Xu Fang without any reservation because they are childhood friends. When she was in high school, Lin Xi Chi, who was always bright and cheerful, became insecure and anxious because of her family problems. Meanwhile, Xu Fang has always had a short fuse. He is the type of man who loses patience in a few words, but has always been extremely gentle with Lin Xi Chi. Xu Fang secretly loves Lin Xi Chi to one day, because of a drunken stupor, Lin Xi Chi gradually realizes her feelings for Xu Fang as well.

Main Cast: The Best of You All Over the World 2020

Chinese actor Gala Zhang as Xu Fang
Chinese actress Ireine Song as Lin Xi Chi

Supporting characters: The Best of You All Over the World 2020

Qu Jing Jing as He Li Yang || Li Chung Lin as Ye Shao Wen || Guo Xin Yu as Jiang Zheng Xu || Chen Ze as Lin Xi Qiu || Leslie Ma as Nie Yue

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