The Lion's Secret (Chinese Drama)

“The Lion's Secret” (Chinese: 赖猫的狮子倒影) is a 2021 Chinese web drama directed by Tsai Yueh Hsun and written by Guodong Jin, starring Zhu Ya Wen, Yang Zi Shan, Mike He and Li Yuan, The series will air on iQiyi for 33 episodes.

The Lion's Secret (Drama Info)

Poster The Lion's Secret Cast & Plot summary
The Lion's Secret 2020
Native Title 赖猫的狮子倒影
Subtitle English
A.k.a Lai Mao De Shi Zi Dao Ying, The Lion's Reflection of Laying Cat
Directors Allen Lan, Zhu Dong Ning
Screenwriters Jin Guo Dong
Genres Business, Action, Comedy, Romance
Country China
Episodes 33
Release Date Dec 30, 2021
4:30 PM
Airs On Jan 23, 2022
Network iQiyi, Tencent Video
Runtime 45 minutes

Synopsis: The Lion's Secret

The story of a lion and a lazy cat is about two people who get married first and fall in love. Mu WanQing is a successful women executive and Liu Qing is an unemployed veteran. Mu WanQing and Liu Qing's first meeting was on their wedding day. Lacking feelings for each other, their relationship begins to become hostile until it becomes one of love and mutual support. Liu Qing helps Mu WanQing deal with the crisis in her company, while also stopping provocations from her ex-boyfriend. When their love is crucified, a bigger challenge arises. In order to fulfill the wishes of the elderly, they started their journey to Thailand.

Main Cast: The Lion's Secret

    The Lion's Secret main lead role
  • Zhu Ya Wen as Liu Qing
  • The Lion's Secret main lead role
  • Yang Zi Shan as Mu Wan Qing
  • The Lion's Secret main lead role
  • Li Yuan as Fu Jun Die
  • The Lion's Secret main lead role
  • Mike He as Lei Shuo

Supporting cast: The Lion's Secret

  • Xiao Tian Ren - Liu Qing (Guest Appearance)
  • Qi Xin Rui Fu - Jun Die (Guest Appearance)
  • Zhang Yin Long - Mu Jian Jun (Guest Appearance)
  • Fang Xiao Li - Lin Ya Lian
  • Kira Shi - Yu Man Shan
  • Zhao Cui Wei - Yu Lu
  • Shao Yan Yuan - Old Yang
  • Wang Zheng Jia - Officer Zhao
  • Liu Min Ting - Sun Yu
  • Lan Man Yu - Li Yu Ting
  • Li Guang Fu - Gu Xiong Chuan
  • Chen Fang Tong - Xiao Mi
  • Jiang Xue Ming - Brother Fei
  • Jason Tsou - Li Mo
  • Zhang Shen - Mu Jian Jun
  • Sui Yong Liang - Feng Cong
  • Xie Cheng Ying
  • Jian Ze Zheng - Li Na
  • Chen Yu Ming - Mother Na
  • Leanne Liu - Mrs. Lin
  • Rong Rong - Mrs. Quan
  • Qin Bo Kun - Wu Feng Yu
  • Zach Lu - Coach Lu
  • Han Chang - Yang Zhen Tian
  • Sean Pai - Xiao Gua
  • Li Yu Su - Sister Huang
  • Chi Guo Dong - A Tu Na
  • Zhang Han - Mother Yan
  • Ryan Hsu - Coach Xu

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