The Love Equations (2020) Cast and Plot synopsis and brief summary

Plot synopsis and brief summary

“The Love Equations” (Chinese: 致我们甜甜的小美满) is a 2020 Chinese television series starring Simon Gong (Zhao Fanzhou) and Liu Ren Yu (Zhou Xiao). Directed by Xing Xiao and written by Zhao Qian Qian. It is based on Zhao Qian Qian's novel “Sailing Round and Round in Circles”, The series aired on Tencent Video from April 10 to April 30, 2020, on Friday for 27 episodes.

Cast, release date, synopsis
Native Title
Alternative title
Zhi Wo Men Tian Tian De Xiao Mei Man, The Sweet Love Story, To Our Sweet Little Happiness
Xing Xiao
Zhao Qian Qian
Romance, Friendship, School
Release Date
Apr/10/2020 - Apr/30/2020
Airs On
Tencent Video
45 min.

Synopsis: The Love Equations 2020

It follows a few school sweethearts break up and meet again in a story about never giving up love and courageously chasing your dreams. Zhou Xiao is a big fan of detective novels. Zhao Fanzhou is a forensic science student talented in the field. The two fall into a sweet romance, but their story ends in heartbreak when Zhao Fanzhou breaks up with Zhou Xiao. One day they meet again.

Main Cast: The Love Equations 2020

Chinese actor Simon Gong as Zhao Fanzhou
Chinese actress Liu Ren Yu as Zhou Xiao

Supporting characters: The Love Equations 2020

Julio Wang as Xie Yixing || Li Ge Yang as Cai Yasi || An Yong Chang as Zhu Lu || Gao Qiu Zi as Tao Ling || Fu Jia || Jessica Li as Luo Wei || Tian Miao as Zhou Xiao's mother

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