The Romance of Tiger and Rose (Plot synopsis and brief summary)

Plot synopsis and brief summary

“The Romance of Tiger and Rose” (Chinese: 传闻中的陈芊芊) is a Chinese television series starring Zhao Lu Si (Chen Xiao Qian) and Ding Yu Xi (Han Dong). Directed by Cha Chuen Yee and written by Nan Zhen. It aired on Tencent.

Poster Cast, release date
Native Title 传闻中的陈芊芊
Subtitle English
A.k.a Zhuan Wen Zhong De Chen Qian Qian
Directors Cha Chuan Yi
Screenwriters Nan Zhen
Genres Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country China
Episodes 24
Release Date May 18, 2020 / Jun 1, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Network Tencent Video
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2020

Since her birth, a screenwriter becomes a character in the script of her own creation. However, she's not supposed to live past three episodes! Chen Xiaoqian is a writer who has shed blood, sweat and tears to create a great woman-centered drama. What could have filmed smoothly quickly changed south due to actor Han Mingxing's concerns about the script. Chen Xiaoqian feels unjust and vows to prove herself, but she accidentally gets stuck in a parallel world where her story has come to life. Now known as the 3rd Princess Chen Qianqian, she is an insignificant character with a terrible reputation who is not meant to live long in the story. In order to live she starts a way to reverse her destiny. She also gets caught between the arrogant and black-bellied prince Han Dong and the nearly perfect Pei Heng.

Main Cast: The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2020

The Romance of Tiger and Rose Zhao Lu Si as Chen Xiao Qian
The Romance of Tiger and Rose Ding Yu Xi as Han Dong
The Romance of Tiger and Rose Zhou Zi Xin - Chen Chu Chu
The Romance of Tiger and Rose Sheng Ying Hao - Pei Heng (Minister of Education & Chen Qian Qian's fiance)

Supporting characters: The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2020

  • Hu Cai Hong - Cheng Zhu (Mother to Qian Qian, Chu Chu & Yuan Yuan)
  • Patrick Quan - Su Mu (A musician of Royal Academy)
  • Zhao Xin - Chen Yuan Yuan (Eldest Princess of Hua Heng City
  • Li Ang - Sang Qi ( Chief's Right Hand Man)
  • Wu Yi Jia - Zi Rui (Chen Qian Qian's Attendant)
  • Chen Ming Hao - Su Zi Ying
  • Shen Chi - Meng Guo (Head bandit of Wei Meng Mountain)
  • Liu Shu Yuan - Bai Ji ( Han Shuo's attendant)
  • Zhang Ting Ting - Cheng Fu Ren (Mistress of Xuan Hu City)
  • Guo Jia Yi - Minister Yang (Spy of Xuan Hu City)
  • Smile Wei - Lin Qi (Young Mistress of Lin family)
  • Zhang Hao Cheng - Cheng- Zhu (Chief of Xuan Hu City)
  • Fu Jing Ying - Lady Li

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