Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (Chinese Drama)

The drama adapted from the Xiao Ru Se's novel of the same name.

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (Drama Details)

Poster Cast, Synopsis
Native Title 斛珠夫人
Type Chinese Drama
Subtitle English
Alternative title 九州·斛珠夫人, Jiu Zhou Hu Zhu Fu Ren
Directors Lin Yu Fen & Jin Sha
Screenwriters Wang Xiao Ping
Genres Historical, Romance, Supernatural,Fantasy
Country China
Episodes 48
Release Date Nov 10, 2021 / Dec 5, 2021
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Network BTV, Tencent Video, ViuTV
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

During the Zheng Dynasty in the vast Novoland ocean, the search for a magical pearl that could only be obtained by a young Naga girl caused tears, the slaughter of the Merfolk. For this reason, Hai Shi lost her parents and her entire coastal village of Yu. During Hai Shi's most critical moment, she met Fang Zhu, the first officer of the imperial court, Hai Shi then became Fang Zhu's apprentice. Not long after, the imperial court of the Zheng Dynasty falls into great chaos, while conflicts with other kingdoms begin at the same time. Meanwhile, Emperor Chi Zhong Xu seems unable to keep order at his court and looks like an indulgent ruler. But Fang Zhu's continued support allows the nation to see a new era of peace. Hai Shi then becomes the Emperor's personal guardian and she begins to take an interest in him, and some misunderstandings arise between them. When the Emperor finds out that Hai Shi is a girl, he starts to have feelings for her. Hai Shi will have to face her own feelings towards Fang Zhu and the emperor.

Main Cast: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

    Novoland: Pearl Eclipse
  • Yang Mi - Fang Hai Shi / Ye Hai Shi
  • Novoland: Pearl Eclipse
  • William Chan - Fang Zhu / Fang Jian Ming
  • Novoland: Pearl Eclipse
  • Chen Xiao Yun - Ti Lan / Zi Zan
  • Novoland: Pearl Eclipse
  • Xu Kai Cheng - Di Xu / Chu Zhong Xu

Supporting characters: Novoland: Pearl Eclipse

  • Wilson Wang - Zhou Ying / Duo Han / Duo Luo
  • Julia Ye Chu - Lin Niang
  • Yuan Yu Xuan - Zhe Liu
  • Huang Jun Jie - Zhou You Du
  • Li Terry - Tang Gan Zi
  • Feng Chu Xuan - Zhang Cheng Qian
  • Michelle Dong - Lang Huan
  • Ye Xiao Wei - Chu Ji Chang
  • Zhong Wei Hua
  • Han Xiu Yi
  • Kevin Jiang - Zhu Ji Chang (young)
  • Zhang Zhi Ran

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