Love Me Don't Think Too Much (Cast & Plot synopsis and brief summary)

Plot synopsis and brief summary

Love Me Don't Think Too Much” (Chinese: 爱我就别想太多) is a Chinese television series. directed by Cao Huisheng and Han Jie, written by Han Jie and Hu Ping, starring Chen Jian Bin (Li Honghai), Li Yi Tong (Xia Keke), Pan Yue Ming (Mo Heng), Xu Wen Guang (Xia Dasheng) and Kong Song Jin (Shen Wen Wen). The filming of “Love Me Don't Think Too Much” will take place in Beijing

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Native Title
Alternative title
Ai Wo Jiu Bie Xiang Tai Duo, Don't Think Twice, Love's All Right, Brave To Love
Cao Huisheng & Han Jie
Han Jie & Hu Ping
Release Date
Jun 25, 2020 / Jul 16, 2020
Airs On
45 minutes

Synopsis: Love Me Don't Think Too Much 2020

A story about a president with a net worth of billions who just wants to find true love. A chance meeting with a young designer leads to a romance that transcends age and status. Li Honghai (Chen Jiabin) longs to find a woman who isn't motivated through mone. When he meets Xia Keke (Li Yitong), a smart and beautiful designer, Li Honghai hides his identity. They start dating and eventually get married. Only after the marriage, Xia Keke heard that she married a billionaire. Angry with the lie, she demands a divorce. However, the two have no choice but to maintain their appearance as husband and wife for several months to make their company public.

Main Cast: Love Me Don't Think Too Much 2020

Love Me Don't Think Too Much Chen Jian Bin as Li Honghai
Love Me Don't Think Too Much Li Yi Tong as Xia Keke
Love Me Don't Think Too Much Pan Yue Ming as Mo Heng
Love Me Don't Think Too Much Xu Wen Guang as Xia Dasheng

Supporting characters: Love Me Don't Think Too Much 2020

Zhou Zhi as Xue Ying || Miao Yun Tong as Tan Li

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