Youth Should Be Early (2020) Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary

“Youth Should Be Early” (Chinese: 青春须早为) is a 2020 upcoming Chinese drama series starring Hu Yi Tian (Zheng Gan) & Elaine Zhong (Cheng Xin) “Youth Should Be Early” is scheduled to be released in Dec 28, 2020

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Native Title 青春须早为
Subtitle English
A.k.a Youth Must be Early, 青春須早為, Ching Cheun Seui Jou Wai, Qing Chun Xu Zao Wei
Directors Hanyang Zhang
Screenwriters David Meng, Boyu Wang, Lynn Chen
Genres Romance, Youth
Country China
Episodes 51
Release Date Dec 28, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Network Mango TV
Runtime 45 min.

Synopsis: Youth Should Be Early

Youth should Be Early tells the story of a group of friendly, recently graduated university students. During their graduation ceremony, Cheng Xin introduces her friend Zheng Gan, but is surprisingly rejected. While Cheng Xin goes to work at her family business, Zheng Gan finds it difficult to find a job until Cheng Xin secretly helps him conduct an interview without him knowing. But when the truth comes to light, he not only loses his job and reputation in the field, but the relationship between him and Cheng Xin is also destroyed. Will Zheng Gan be able to get up and trust love again?

Main Cast: Youth Should Be Early

Youth Should Be Early lead role Hu Yi Tian as Zheng Gan
Youth Should Be Early lead role Elaine Zhong as Cheng Xin

Supporting Cast » Youth Should Be Early

  • Lu Peng - Kong Hao
  • An Yong Chang - Meng Xi
  • Liu Qi Heng - Xiao Bao
  • David Liang - Chu YunFei