Being a Hero (Drama 2021)

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"Being a Hero" tells the story of Wu Zhenfeng, a lonely hero, and Chen Yu, an anti-drug police officer, who, with their hearts intact and mission in mind, work together to break into the drug cartel and eventually bring down the drug dealers.

Details » Being a Hero
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Original title 冰雨火
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bing yu huo, Ice Rain Fire
Director Fu Dong Yu
Screenplay Yuan'ang Zhang, Mailiyasi
Genres Crime, Detective
Country China
Total Episodes 32
Release Date Dec, 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Hunan TV, Youku, Mango TV
Runtime 45 minutes

Synopsis: Being a Hero

Three years ago, Wu Gang was killed by the drug trafficking group "K" for his drug involvement, and his son, Wu Zhen Feng, was expelled from the police for recklessness and discipline violations. He was stopped by his brother Chen Yu. They were hijacked on the way. Wu Zhen Feng was taken away by drug traffickers to save Chen Yu. There was no news from then on. At this moment, their fate was completely rewritten. Three years later, Chen Yu became an anti drug police officer. Unexpectedly, Wu Zhen Feng came back again and was implicated in the murder. After Wu Zhen Feng purged the suspect, Chen Yu found that he had countless connections with drug trafficking groups. In order to wipe out drug trafficking groups, Chen Yu obeyed the arrangement of superior departments and took off his police uniform to start a new course of anti drug career. At the same time, he learned that Wu Zhen Feng was a lone hero lurking in drug gangs. Chen Yu and Wu Zhen Feng entered into the drug trafficking group one after another. They cooperated tacitly, fought side by side, and finally killed the drug trafficking group under the deployment of public security. The two brothers continued to devote themselves to the public security anti drug cause, keeping in mind their original intention and mission. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Being a Hero

Being a Hero starring Chen Xiao as Wu Zhen Feng
Being a Hero starring Liu Yi Jun as Yang Xing Quan
Being a Hero starring Wang Yi Bo as Chen Yu
Being a Hero starring Wang Jin Song as Lin De Zan
Being a Hero starring Zhao Zhao Yi as Lan An Ran

Supporting Character: Being a Hero

  • Song Han Huan as A Kun
  • Cristy Guo as Yang Ling
  • Wang Xiu Zhu as Qiong Jie
  • Feng Jia Yi as Wan He Da
  • Gong Lei as Chi Dong
  • Zhang Yu Qi as Jiang Lei
  • Wang Hao Xuan
  • Wu Gang
  • Zhang Jia Yi