Being a Hero (Drama 2022)

Being a Hero Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

"Being a Hero" tells the story of Wu Zhenfeng, a lonely hero, and Chen Yu, an anti-drug police officer, who, with their hearts intact and mission in mind, work together to break into the drug cartel and eventually bring down the drug dealers.

Being a Hero (Web Series)
Official Poster Being a Hero poster
Original title 冰雨火
Type Chinese Drama, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Bing yu huo, Ice Rain Fire
Director Fu Dong Yu
Screenplay Zhang Yuan Ang, Mai Li Ya Si
Genres Mystery, Crime
Country China
Total Episodes 32
Release Date Aug 11, 2022
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel Hunan TV, Youku, Mango TV
Runtime 45 minutes

Where to watch Being a Hero online with english subtitles?
Rakuten Viki YOUKU (Youtube)

Story Summary

Three years ago, Wu Gang was killed by a drug cartel "K" and his son Wu Zhen Feng was driven from the police force. Wu Zhenfeng took a bus to the border while his best friend Chen Yu relentlessly chased him.

Throughout their journey, they were almost kidnapped. While saving Chen Yu, his best friend, Wu Zhenfeng, was taken away by drug dealers and there was no news about him.

When the two met again, Chen Yu became a drug policeman, while Wu Zhen Feng became a famous murder suspect known by the nickname "Addict Lord", ignoring public conflicts. Yu sets out to find the truth and clear Wu Zhenfeng's name. But he slowly found that Wu Zhenfeng's return had a different purpose. Two best friends start playing a game of cat and mouse. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

  • Being a Hero Cast Chen Xiao as Wu Zhen Feng
  • Being a Hero main role Liu Yi Jun as Yang Xing Quan
  • Being a Hero Lead actors Wang Yi Bo as Chen Yu
  • Being a Hero main role Wang Jin Song as Lin De Zan
  • Being a Hero Lead actors Zhao Zhao Yi as Lan An Ran

Supporting cast

  • Song Han Huan as A Kun
  • Cristy Guo as Yang Ling
  • Wang Xiu Zhu as Qiong Jie
  • Feng Jia Yi as Wan He Da
  • Gong Lei as Chi Dong
  • Zhang Yu Qi as Jiang Lei
  • Wang Hao Xuan
  • Wu Gang
  • Zhang Jia Yi

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