Mr. Delicious Miss. Match (Chinese Drama)

Mr. Delicious Miss Match is a Chinese TV series about passionate people who become intimate through a common passion for food.

Mr. Delicious Miss. Match (Drama Info)

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Original title 火柴小姐和美味先生
Subtitle English
A.k.a Miss Match and Mister Delicious, Huo Hua Xiao Jie He Mei Wei Xian Sheng,
Miss Match's Mister Delicious, Mr. and Miss Match Delicious, Mr. Miss Match Delicious
Director Chen Chang
Screenwriter Xu Su
Genres Food, Comedy, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 55
Release Date 2022
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel IQIYI
Runtime 45 minutes
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Synopsis: Mr. Delicious Miss. Match

Ruan Tang's father wants his daughter to take over the family's small restaurant in the future, Ruan Tang wants to be a foodie who eats all over the world. One day, Ruan Tang's father took in Wang Moyu, who was bent on learning to cook. Under Wang Moyu's influence, Ruan Tang changed his bad habit of being lazy. Moved by Wang Moyu's sincere love of cooking, With the encouragement of Ruan Tang, Wang Moyu regains his confidence and slowly overcomes the difficulties to regain his taste for food. Nguyen's father closed down the small restaurant because he refused to raise prices for many years, and the restaurant had a cash flow problem. Restored to taste, Wang Moyu turned down many offers from five-star restaurants to start a business selling wontons with Ruan Tang, their greatest satisfaction is the taste of cooking out of their home with love. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Mr. Delicious Miss. Match

    Mr. Delicious Miss. Match starring
  • Chen Xiao as Chen Mo Yu
  • Mr. Delicious Miss. Match starring
  • Ivy Chen as Ruan Tang
  • Mr. Delicious Miss. Match starring
  • Caesar Li as Yang Zi Geng

Supporting Character: Mr. Delicious Miss. Match

  • Zhou Chu Chu as Tang Xing Zi
  • Tian Lei Xi as Xiao Wan
  • He Vincent as Wang Song Rong
  • Sheng Zi as Ming Mi Gao
  • Ruan Sheng Wen as Wang Hao
  • Chin Shih Chieh

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