Fearless Whispers 2020

“Fearless Whispers 2020” (Chinese: 隐秘而伟大) is an upcoming Chinese television series. Directed by Wang Wei, the series stars Li Yi Feng, Gina Jin and Wang Long Zheng, “Fearless Whispers” premiere on CCTV, Mango TV and Tencent Video

Fearless Whispers (Chinese drama)
Official Poster Fearless Whispers poster
Original title 隐秘而伟大
Subtitle English
A.k.a Yin Mi Er Wei Da
Director Wang Wei
Screenwriter Pu Wei, Huang Chen
Genres Historical, Romance, Political, War, Life, Youth
Country China
Total Episodes 55
Release Date Nov 6, 2020 / Nov 28, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel CCTV, Mango TV, Tencent Video
Runtime 45 minutes

Synopsis: Fearless Whispers

A story revolving around a recent graduate who has an idealistic view of right and wrong, but realizes that the very institution he chose to serve falls heavily on a gray area caught in battle during chaotic times. It takes place after the war is won. Gu Yao Dong, raised in Shanghai, graduates from university. Hoping to make his dreams come true: to uphold the law and protect the people, he succeeds in becoming a police officer. However, Gu Yao Dong is discouraged by the constant bullying by his peers and even gets caught up in the political war between the communists and the nationalist. With the help of Xia Ji Cheng and Shen Qing He, he embarks on a road to revolution. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Fearless Whispers

Fearless Whispers Starring Li Yi Feng as Gu Yao Dong
Fearless Whispers Starring Gina Jin as Chen Qing He
Fearless Whispers Starring Wang Long Zheng as Xia Ji Cheng
Fearless Whispers Starring Niu Jun Feng - Zhao Zhi Yong

Supporting Character: Fearless Whispers

  • Kira Shi as Ding Fang
  • Zhao Yun Zhuo as Yang Fu Duo
  • Li Qiang as Zhong Bai Ming
  • Liu Wei as Gu Yao Dong's father
  • Wang Xiao Yi as Wang Ke Da
  • Zhang Hao Tian as Police Officer Liu
  • Han Ye Zhou as Yu Da Tong
  • Liu Jie as Gu Yao Dong's mother
  • Zhou Zhi as Gu Yue Xi
  • Song Jia Teng
  • Huang Shuo Wen as Yang Kui

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