Nowhere 2021

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“Nowhere” (Chinese: 无忧之地) is a 2021 Chinese sci-fi web series based on novel by Er Dong Shui Tao, Directed by Sun Kai Kai and written by Chen Tao, the series starred Hai Qiao and You Ming in the leading roles, “Nowhere” premiere on Zhejiang Tv and Tencent Video. It's unclear when the series will air, but it'll either be in 2021 or 2022.

Nowhere (Drama Info)

Official Poster Nowhere
Original title 无忧之地
Subtitle English
A.k.a Wu You Zhi Di, 无忧之地网剧
Director Sun Kai Kai
Screenwriter Chen Tao
Genres Sci-fi
Country China
Total Episodes 48
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel ZJTV, Tencent Video
Runtime 45 minutes

Nowhere (Synopsis)

In Nan'ao City, Yang Shenxing was rescued by Sun Bufan, and from there he learns the secret news about the meteor energy. In this world there are people who can get explosive forces through the meteor energy. Sun Bufan calls himself the leader of the scientific research team, which is formed by the people with special powers. Their mission is to maintain the world order. The research center was destroyed a year ago and Yang Shenxing is now hoping to rebuild the center because of its extraordinary potential. Together with Sun Pangzi and others, he embarked on an adventurous journey to find the survivors of the research team. During his journey, he meets Jiang Mengxiao and falls in love with her at first sight. The traitor to the investigative team, Zhou Zhen, appears, and a sinister plot explodes with him. Yang Shenxing tries to stop him and also gets closer to the truth about his parents' deaths. Zhou Zhen uses lies and deception to get Yang Shenxing by his side. Sun Pangzi and the others use their lives to fight Zhou Zhen and save Yang Shenxing, but die. Not wanting to disappoint his friends, Yang Shenxing teams up with Jiang Mengxiao to rebuild the research center and fight evil. Edit Synopsis

Nowhere (Cast)

    Nowhere starring
  • Joe Xu as Yang Shen Xing
  • Nowhere starring
  • Eddie Gu as Juzhong Renwu

  • Guan Le as Miss Ya
  • Zhang Yi Xi as Huang Jing Jing
  • Liu En Shang as Sun Pan Zi
  • Augus Lang as Dr. Chen

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