Move to Heaven (Kdrama 2021) Cast & Synopsis

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The exciting TV series "Move to Heaven" directed by "award-winning" Seoul film producer Kim Sung-ho will be Netflix's next series in South Korea. The show was inspired by non-fiction essays-"Things Left Behind"-written by the former "trauma cleaner" Kim Sae-byul, Which was published in July 20, 2015 by Chungrim, a professional who deals with murder, suicide and natural causes Victim's items.

Move to Heaven 2021 (Korean drama)

Move to Heaven
Poster Move to Heaven poster
Original title 무브 투 헤븐
Subtitle English
A.k.a mubeu tu hebeun, Ddeonan Hooe Namgyeojin Geotdeul, Move To Heaven: I Am a Person Who Arranges Articles Left by Deceased, Move To Heaven: Naneun Yoopoomjungrisaibmida
Director Kim Sung Ho
Screenwriter Yoon Ji-Ryun
Genres Life, Family
Country South Korea
Total Episodes -
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Netflix
Runtime -

Synopsis: Move to Heaven

"Move to Heaven" tells the story of Geu Roo, who has Asperger's syndrome, and his uncle, Sang Goo. The two met for the first time before Geu Roo's father died and ended up running a trauma cleaning company together. While they were working, the two discovered various stories of the deceased and experienced different emotions and feelings about life, death, and family. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Move to Heaven

Move to Heaven starring Lee Je Hoon as Jo Sang Goo
Move to Heaven starring Tang Jun Sang as Geu Roo
Move to Heaven starring Hong Seung Hee as Na Moo

Supporting Cast: Move to Heaven

  • Ji Jin Hee as Jung Woo (Geu Roo's father)
  • Lee Jae Wook as Kim Soo Cheol (Sang Goo's friend)