Let Me Be Your Knight (Korean Drama)

This is the third drama he confirmed to participate in 2020, including the new Wednesday-Thursday drama "Good Casting" in March and KBS drama "Na Rae, Kicking Out". Jun will also release his first solo album next month.

Let Me Be Your Knight (Drama Info)

Official Poster Let Me Be Your Knight poster
Original title 아이돌 주치의
Subtitle English
A.k.a Neoui Bami Doeeojulge, Aidol Joochiui, 아이돌 주치의, Let Me Be Your Knight, I Will Be Your Night,
I'll Be Your Night, Idol's Doctor, Idol Doctor, Neoui Bami Dweeojoolge
Director Ahn Ji Sook
Screenwriter Shin Seo Ha
Genres Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Release Date Nov 7, 2021 - Jan 23, 2022
Airs On Sunday
Broadcast On SBS, Viki
Runtime 1 hr. 10 min.

Synopsis: Let Me Be Your Knight

The drama will be a story of romance and healing between one of the world's greatest idols who is sleepwalking and the doctor who is secretly treating him. Yoon Tae In is an untouchable idol star loved around the world and a musical genius who believes himself to be the center of the universe. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Let Me Be Your Knight

    Let Me Be Your Knight Jun as Yoon Tae In
  • Lee Jun Young (Yoon Tae In)
  • Let Me Be Your Knight starring
  • Jung In Sun [In Yoon Joo]

  • JR - Lee Shin
  • Yoon Ji Sung - Kim Yoo Chan
  • Kim Kyung Ho - Sang Hoon
  • Kim Dong - Hyun Ga On
  • Jang Dong Joo - Seo Woo Yeon

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