Cafe Kilimanjaro (Web Drama 2020)

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Cafe Kilimanjaro 2020 ( Korean Web drama) Details & Summary

Café Kilimanjaro
Poster  Café Kilimanjaro
Original title 킬리만자로
Subtitle English
A.k.a Cafe Kilimanjaro, Café Kilimanjaro
Director Kim Kwang eun
Screenwriter Jo Yoon kyung
Genres Music
Country South Korea
Total Episodes -
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel -
Runtime -

Plot Synopsis

"Cafe Kilimanjaro" Depicts the story of a novice coffee shop owner and interacted with members of a fictional band called "Leopold". In the drama, Viini will play the role of San Ha, the main vocalist of the band Leopold, JXR Baek Jin (Chan) is a guitarist of the band and has excellent visual effects. TRIPLEME's Choi Si Hoon and Park Chan-kyu are also members of the band.Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     Cafe Kilimanjaro Starring
  • Viini as San Ha
  •  Cafe Kilimanjaro Starring
  • Kim Na Hyun as Tommy
  •  Cafe Kilimanjaro Starring
  • Baek Jin as Chan
  •  Cafe Kilimanjaro Starring
  • Choi Si Hoon as Ji Ho
  •  Cafe Kilimanjaro Starring
  • Park Chan kyu as Jae-yeong

Supporting Cast

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