In a Class of Her Own (Drama 2020)

In a Class of Her Own 2020 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

In a Class of Her Own
Official Poster  In a Class of Her Own poster
Original title 云上恋歌
Subtitle English
A.k.a Yun Shang Lian Ge, Yun Shang Xue Tang, Cloud School, 云上学堂
Director Zhi Lei
Screenwriter Zhang Yanbin, Fu Min, Wang Xinyi
Genres Friendship, Comedy, Historical, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 36
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel iQiyi
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot Synopsis

A young woman changed her outfit and entered the famous Cloud Business School. She became one of the "Outstanding Four of Yunshang", they formed a lasting friendship while at school, and finally found love.

Xue Wenxi (Ju Jingyi) is a poor girl who must support her family by copying manuscripts. The business transaction led to her accidentally meeting with the Prime Minister's son Feng Chengjun (Song Weilong). In order to appreciate her talents, Feng Chengjun formulated a plan that gave her no choice but to enter Yunshang College as a student.

As the school only accepts male students, Wenxi disguises herself as a boy and goes to great lengths to keep her secret. Fortunately, she has Feng Chengjun to come to her aid. They become friends with the amorous Yu Lexuan (Bi Wenjun) and the cold and rebellious Lei Zexin (Wang Ruichang). As they overcome many hurdles together, the four become entangled with the conflicts passed down from the older generation as they strive to uphold their ideals. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     In a Class of Her Own Starring
  • Ju Jing Yi as Xue Wen Xi
  •  In a Class of Her Own Starring
  • Song Wei Long as Feng Cheng Jun
  •  In a Class of Her Own Starring
  • Chen Yi Long as Han Zhi Sheng
  •  In a Class of Her Own Starring
  • Richards Wang as Lei Ze Xin
  •  In a Class of Her Own Starring
  • Bi Wen Jun as Yu Yue Xuan

Supporting Cast

  • Nicole Zhu as Mu Xiao Man
  • Zhang Xin as Han Shu Min
  • Zhang Han as Xiao Qing
  • Gong Bei Bi
  • Li Shuai
  • He Liang Ou as Amu Da Mei
  • Li Jia Hao