Use For My Talent (Web Drama 2021)

“Use For My Talent” is an upcoming Chinese Web series is a remake of the popular Korean drama “Clean With Passion For Now (2018)”

Use For My Talent 2020 (Chinese Web Series) Details & Summary

Use For My Talent
Official Poster Use For My Talent Poster
Original title 我亲爱的小洁癖
Subtitle English
A.k.a Clean with Passion For Now, My Dear Neat Freak, Enthusiastic Cleaning, Cleaning Elves, 热情的扫扫吧, Wo qin ai de xiao jie pi, Neat Freaks
Director Cong Cai
Screenwriter -
Genres Friendship, Romance, Business, Comedy
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Mango TV
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot Synopsis

It tells the story of two people who have serious habits of cleanliness are two beauties when they meet each other and become the superiors and subordinates of the same cleaning company, just like a pair of happy enemies/lovers. When they work together, they gradually understand each other, show sympathy and go out of their own sad love stories. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

    Use For My Talent Starring
  • Jasper Liu as Gu Ren Qi
  • Use For My Talent Starring
  • Shen Yue as Shi Shuang Jiao

Supporting Cast

  • Dai Yun Fan as Lu Xian
  • Yanan Shi as Jun Jie
  • Xiao Ran as Hu Yu
  • Charles Lin as Li Dong Xian
  • Tan Quan as Wu Wan