Love When the Stars Fall (Chinese Drama 2023)

Love When the Stars Fall Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

Love When the Stars Fall (Chinese: 星落凝成糖) is a upcoming Chinese Web series adapted from Yi Du Jun Hua's novel Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang (星落凝成糖).

Love When The Stars Fall is a 3rd part in 'The Honey Trilogy' after Ashes of Love and Skate Into Love

Love When the Stars Fall (Web Series)
Official Poster Love When the Stars Fall Poster
Original title 星落凝成糖
Type Cdrama, Adapted from a Novel, Martial Arts
A.k.a Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang, Once Meritus
Director Chu Yui Bun
Screenwriter Ma Jia
Genres Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date 2023 ?
Airs On -
Broadcast On Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Story Summary

The story revolves around two princesses in the mortal realm. The elder sister is gentle and kind and betrothed to the Immortal Clan as the Destiny of Heaven. The younger sister is cruel and heartless and betrothed to the Demon tribe by the name of Demon Consort. This not only caused chaos, but also led to the unraveling of a conspiracy that shook the four realms. Edit Synopsis

Actors and their characters

  • Love When the Stars Fall Cast Chen Xing Xu (Xuan Shang Jun / Shao Dian You Qin)
  • Love When the Stars Fall main role Landy Li (Princess Ye Tan)
  • Love When the Stars Fall Lead actors Luke Chen (Third Prince Chao Feng)
  • Love When the Stars Fall main role He Xuan Lin (Princess Qing Kui)

Supporting cast

  • Cao Jie as Fei Chi
  • Zhou Zhan as Lord Qing Heng
  • Qin Tian Yu as Di Lan Jue
  • Gong Zheng Ye as Zhu Jiu Yin / Zhu Duan Shan
  • Yolanda Yang as Beast Queen
  • Jigmey as Ding Yun
  • Russel Tang as Prince Chen Yuan Li
  • Jiang Xiao Lin as Wu Dai
  • Dai Ya Qi as Zi Wu
  • Bai Yu Fei as Hu Sui
  • Wang Li Na as Man Man
  • Peggy Ji as Jia Lou Luo
  • Xia Ming Hao as Li Guang Yang
  • Chen Si Che as Bi Qiong
  • Cao Bo Gu as Hai Chao
  • Wang Ruo as Xi Su Shui
  • Zhang Hao Xiang as Er Lang Shen
  • Michelle Hu as Empress Chen Yuan
  • Lu Jun Yao as Xiao Yu Immortal Lord

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