Snowdrop 2021 (Cast and Synopsis)

Snowdrop (Hangul: 설강화) is a 2021 Upcoming Korean television series based on the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea. Directed by Jo Hyun Taek and written by Yoo Hyun Mi.

Snowdrop (Drama Info)

Poster Sul Kang Hwa: Snowdrop Poster
Original title 설강화
Type Korean Drama, Blackpink, Tv Series
Subtitle English
A.k.a Seolkanghwa, Sulkanghwa, Seolganghwa, Sulganghwa
Director Jo Hyun Taek
Screenwriter Yoo Hyun Mi
Genres Melodrama, Historical, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Release Date Dec 18, 2021
End Date Feb 06, 2022
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel jTBC
Runtime 1 hr. 30 min.

Snowdrop (Synopsis)

Set in Seoul in 1987 and tells the love story of Im Soo Ho, a famous university student who suddenly rushes into a gory female dormitory one day, and the cheerful and lovable student Eun Young Cho. Which hides him and takes care of His wounds even in the face of danger under close surveillance.

Among those stalks, Soo Ho and Young Cho must avoid Pi Seung Hee, the notoriously strict and imposing housekeeper mother in Young Cho's dorm, and Kye Boon Ok, an electrical operator. dorm phone, who had to give up her college studies due to her family's financial situation.

Lee Kang Moo is the relentless head of Team 1 of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and consistently does everything according to the book. In contrast, NIS agent Jang Han Na is impulsive, short-tempered and passionate about her job.

Kang Chung Ya is a beautiful and talented surgeon at a state hospital who can seduce anyone in a heartbeat. Although her skills in the operating room have earned her a solid reputation as a trusted surgeon, Dr. Kang is mysterious and seems to be hiding something. Edit Synopsis

Snowdrop (Main Cast)

    Sul Kang Hwa: Snowdrop starring
  • Kim Ji Soo - Eun Young Cho
  • Sul Kang Hwa: Snowdrop starring
  • Kim Hye Yoon - Kye Boon Ok
  • Sul Kang Hwa: Snowdrop starring
  • Jung Hae In - Im Soo Ho
  •  Snowdrop Cast
  • Jang Seung Jo - Lee Kang Moo
  •  Snowdrop lead role
  • Yoon Se Ah - Pi Seung Hee
  •  Snowdrop lead role
  • Jung Yoo Jin - Jang Han Na
  •  Snowdrop lead role
  • Yoo In Na - Kang Cheong Ya

Supporting Cast

  • Heo Joon Ho - Eun Chang Soo
  • Park Sung Woong - Nam Tae Il
  • Lee Hwa Ryong - Ahn Kyung Hee
  • Kim Jung Nan - Hong Ae Ra
  • Jung Hye Young - Jo Sung Shim
  • Jung Shin Hye - Go Hye Ryung
  • Choi Hee Jin - Yoon Seol Hee
  • Baek Ji Won - Choi Mi Hye
  • Kim Mi Soo - Yeo Jeong Min
  • Kim Min Kyu - Joo Gyeok Chan
  • Jung Yi Seo - Shin Kyung Ja
  • Kim Jong Soo - Kim Man Dong
  • Heo Nam Jun - Oh Gwang Tae
  • Jang In Sub - Ri Eung Cheol
  • Nam Mi Jung - Oh Deok Shim
  • Kim Jeong Hoon - Kim Sang Beom
  • Ahn Dong Goo - Choi Byung Tae
  • Jeon Moo Song - Lim Ji Rok

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