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Thonhon Chonlathee: Cast & Summary

Thonhon Chonlathee 2020 (Thai drama) Details & Summary

Thonhon Chonlathee
Official Poster  Thonhon Chonlathee Poster
Original title ต้นหนชลธี
Subtitle English
A.k.a Ton Hon Chon Tee
Director Koo Ekkasit Trakulkasemsuk
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 13
Release Date Nov 13, 2020 / Feb 5, 2021
Airs On Friday
Broadcast Channel GMM 25
Runtime -
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Plot Synopsis

Chonlathee is a caring shiny boy who has been secretly in love with Thonhon, the man next door, because P’Thon always takes care of him like a real brother. But Chonlathee can only see P’Thon and his girlfriend from a distance. Until luck is in his favor because P‘Thon updated his status as single. Chonlathee decide to change his face to win P’Thon's heart. Intimacy began to become a deep connection. The clumsy P’Thon began to feel confused. His mouth keeps saying that he doesn't think about Nong like that, but when Nong goes with other people, he will feel unsafe inside. He couldn't help being possessive and worried about Nong. Not to mention the return of his ex-girlfriend, making things more complicated. Moreover, those Nong fans are also watching him. How will this love end? Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     Thonhon Chonlathee Starring
  • Podd Suphakorn Sriphothong as Thonhon
  •  Thonhon Chonlathee Starring
  • Khaotung Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan as Chonlathee

Supporting Cast

  • Toptap Jirakit Kuariyakul as Ai
  • Mike Chinnarat Siriphongchawalit as Nhai
  • Ngek Kalaya Lerdkasemsap
  • Kapook Phatchara Tubthong as Amp
  • Moo Dilok Thongwattana
  • Ciize Apichaya Saejung
  • Jan Ployshompoo Supasap
  • Gun Chanagun Arpornsutinan
  • Neo Trai Nimtawat
  • Guy Sivakorn Lertchoochot

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