MOVIE: The Golden Holiday (2020)

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The Golden Holiday (Korean Movie)
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Original title 국제수사
Subtitle English
A.k.a Gukjesusa, Gookjesoosa, Package, International Investigation
Director Kim Bong Han
Screenwriter Kim Bong Han
Genres Action, Comedy, Mystery, Drama
Country South Korea
Release Date Sep 29, 2020
Runtime 1 hr. 46 min.

Plot Summary

Byeong Soo works as a detective in the countryside. He took his family on a trip to the Philippines and they went abroad for the first time. He is involved in a crime planned by Patrick, the killer in a criminal organization. Byeong Soo becomes a murder suspect. To clear his crime, he investigates the case with tour guide Man Cheol. Their investigation didn't go well, but Byeong Soo met his friend Yong Bae. Their investigation turned in an unintended direction. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 The Golden Holiday Cast Kwak Do Won - Hong Byung Soo
 The Golden Holiday Starring Kim Dae Myung - Hwang Man Chul
 The Golden Holiday lead role Kim Hee Won - Patrick
 The Golden Holiday Main Cast Kim Sang Ho - Kim Yong Bae

Supporting Cast

  • Shin Seung Hwan - Park Choon Shik
  • Shin Dong Mi - Mi Yun
  • Lee Chan Yoo - Hwang Man Chul (Young)
  • Lee Han Seo - Hong Ji Yoon
  • Yoo Jin Woo - Hong Byung Soo (Young)

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