Movie: The Night of the Undead (2020)

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The Night of the Undead (Korean Movie)
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Original title 죽지않는 인간들의 밤
Subtitle English
A.k.a jukjianhneun ingandeuleui bam
Director Shin Jeong Won
Screenwriter Shin Jung-Won, Jang Hang-jun
Genres Action, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama
Country South Korea
Release Date Sep 29, 2020
Runtime -
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Plot Summary

So hee married Man Gil. She is enjoying life as a newlywed couple, but something is separated from her husband. He always seems to be busy and not resting. I think So hee sometimes doesn't act like a person. She hires someone to follow her husband and learns that her husband is incredibly dangerous, and all of his ex-wives are found dead. So hee decides to fight her husband with the help of Se Ra, Yang Seon, and Doctor Jang . Dr. Jang is the Director of Mystery Research. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 The Night of the Undead Cast Lee Jung Hyun - So Hee
 The Night of the Undead Starring Kim Sung Oh - Man Gil
 The Night of the Undead Lead role Seo Young Hee - Se Ra
 The Night of the Undead Main role Lee Mi Do - Yang Seon
 The Night of the Undead main cast Yang Dong Geun - Dr. Jang

Supporting Cast

  • Jin Hyun Kwang
  • Im Chae Sun
  • Shin Min Jae