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DRAMA: Hotel Trainees (2020)

Hotel Trainees (Chinese drama)
Official Poster  Hotel Trainees Poster
Original title 酒店实习生
Subtitle English
A.k.a Hotel Interns, Jiu Dian Shi Xi Sheng
Director Yue Li, Jie Qin
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, Comedy, Youth
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Release Date Sep 30, 2020
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast Channel iQiyi
Runtime 45 min.

Plot Summary

"Hotel Trainees" Talk about a group of young people coming to BYT's leading hotel chains to practice and learn valuable life skills in the process. Yue Ran, Ning Jiajia, Su Shan and Luo Fei are the graduates of the hotel management course. They go through many difficult options to enter the international hotel chain BYT as trainees. However, they are not motivated to work. Some want to heal the pain from past relationships, while others want to see it as an opportunity to meet rich people. However, they were shocked by the sudden announcement of the three-month "layoff" deadline, during which time they would be fired if they did not meet the requirements for staff at ZAD. Faced with the ratio of their colleagues to the difficult requests from their superiors and the problems created by the customers, the trainees do their best not to be knocked out. Gradually, they begin to find joy and meaning in their work. Meanwhile, the CEO of BYT still keeps a secret about the hotel chain is about to collapse. He hopes that his son, Xie Fanyu will return from abroad to help manage and revive the company. However, Xie Fanyu secretly planned to sell the hotel chain. The battle to maintain the hotel chain started by the interns has officially begun. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Hotel Trainees lead role Eden Zhao - Xie Fan Yu
 Hotel Trainees Cast Ma Meng Wei - Yue Ran

Supporting Cast

  • Bu Guan Zhi - David
  • Zhu Min Xin - Lu Hao
  • Charry Qi - Bai Ling Long
  • He Liao Lu Yun - Duan Jian
  • Wang Yu Hang
  • Yan Bo
  • Cynthia Yu
  • Shawn Zhang

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