DRAMA: Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (2020)

Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter (Thai drama)
Official Poster  Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter Poster
Original title ขอเกิดใหม่ใกล้ๆ เธอ
Subtitle English
A.k.a ขอเกิดใหม่ใกล้ๆเธอ, I Beg You to be Reborn Near Me
Director Sant Srikaewlaw
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 14
Release Date Sep 30, 2020 / Nov 19, 2020
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast Channel GMM One
Runtime 1 hr. 40 min.

Plot Summary

This is the story of a strong and wise woman named Rarapee. She loved her husband very much, but when the man left during her pregnancy, she decided to continue her life as a single mother. Growing up, the son hated his father's misunderstanding that his father was irresponsible and left them behind. But Rarapee never hated her husband, instead she firmly believes that one day her husband will return. After many years, his wish came true unexpectedly. Her husband was reborn as a young handsome man named Thing, who was only 24 years old and basically as old as his son. When they meet, love begins at different ages. Can Thing then discover his previous life? Do they have to face difficulties through their love journey? Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter Cast Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen - Rarapee
 Kor Kerd Mai Klai Klai Ter lead role Tor Thanapob Leeluttanakajorn - Thing

Supporting Cast

  • Neng Saran Naraprasertkul - Paam
  • Natharika Thamapreedanan - Neeranat
  • Richie Omrawadee - Airada
  • Amarin Nitibhon - Itt
  • Noon Daran Thitakawin - Chana
  • TAE - Thapkla
  • Hiranpruk Puri - Thewa
  • Two Popetorn Soonthornyanakij - Pak

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