Together 2020 (Drama)

With You 2020 (Chinese drama)
Official Poster  Together, poster
Original title 在一起同行
Subtitle English
A.k.a With You, Walk together, Zai Yi Qi, Zai Yi Qi Tong Xing
Director Wang Jun, An Jian, Zhang Li, Vincent Yang, Teng Hua Tao, Shen Yan, Yang Yang, Liu Jiang, Cao Dun
Screenwriter Liang Zhen Hua, Li Hai Shu, Qin Wen
Genres Medical
Country China
Total Episodes 20
Release Date Sep 27, 2020 - Oct 6, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel Dragon TV, GDTV, ZJTV, Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Plot Summary

The story is about the people and events in the fight against the corona virus epidemic among Chinese soldiers and civilians through a unitary narrative: there are medical workers who have built a Great Wall in white for the people without turning back; there are medical team members who have gone to the battlefields and supported by eight sides; there are doctors who have followed the fine tradition of revolutionary soldiers and never retreated upon hearing the order; there are ordinary and great take-away boys and chartered car volunteers; there are ordinary people who save themselves and each other and help each other. There were citizens; builders who actively devoted themselves to the Vulcan Hill Hospital; CDC, community and public security personnel who took root at the grassroots level in the joint prevention and control work; young people who mistakenly stayed in Wuhan and became volunteers to fight the epidemic; and people who overcame various difficulties to switch to masks and contributed to the "resumption of production and work". These ordinary people constituted the main force in the fight against the epidemic in all walks of life and made indelible contributions to the fight against the epidemic. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Ni Ni
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Zhang Jing Chu
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Lei Jia Yin
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Yang Yang
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Johnny Huang
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Angel Zhao
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Allen Deng
 Together Cdrama, corona virus epidemic Chen Dao Ming

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