Leap 2020 (Movie)

Leap (Chinese Movie)
Official Poster  Leap, Poster
Original title 国女排
Subtitle English
A.k.a zhongguo nupai, Chinese Women's Volleyball, duo guan, 夺冠
Director Peter Chan
Screenwriter Ji Zhang
Genres Sports, Drama
Country China
Release Date Sep 25, 2020
Runtime 135 minutes

Plot Summary

August 15, 2008, Beijing Olympic Women's Volleyball Tournament, China VS USA. Lang Ping (Gong Li), wearing gold wire-frame glasses, sits on the coaching bench of the American team with a calm atmosphere and lightning-looking eyes. The coach of the Chinese team (Hwang Bo) is standing next to him, paying attention and smiling. The coach of the Chinese team looked at Langping full of meaning, and his view was obscured by the passing shadows. For over 30 years, the ups and downs of the Chinese women's volleyball team have slowly opened up. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Leap Cast Gong Li - Lang Ping
 Leap Cast Huang Bo - Cheng ZhongHe
 Leap Cast Wu Gang - Yuan Weimin

Supporting Cast

  • Peng Yu Chang - Cheng ZhongHe (young)

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