Wild Swords 2020 (Movie)

Wild Swords (Chinese Movie)
Official Poster  Wild Swords, Poster
Original title 无名狂
Subtitle English
A.k.a Wu Ming Kuang
Director Li Yunbo
Screenwriter Li Yunbo
Genres Mystery, Action, Drama
Country China
Release Date Sep 25, 2020
Runtime 1 hr. 30 min.
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Plot Summary

Thief Guo Changsheng has been arrested by a mysterious white man. While washing his hands with a golden bowl, he agrees to escort them. On the way, all the road owners were willing to hate, and they also brought out the blood of the unnamed door 15 years ago.. Each person's story leads to different truths. What is the truth? Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 Wild Swords 2020 Cast Edward Zhang - Guo Chang Sheng
 Wild Swords 2020 Cast Sui Yong Liang - Bai Xiao Tian

Supporting Cast

  • Zhao Jian - Wang Yi Dao
  • Liu Yong Xi - Xiao Shi Mei
  • Shang Bai - Zhang Wei Ran

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