Back to the Wharf (Chinese Movie 2020)

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Back to the Wharf (Chinese Movie)
Official Poster  Back to the Wharf Official Poster
Original title 风平浪静
Subtitle English
A.k.a 重回西园码头, 重返西园码头, a dead calm (at sea)
Director Li Xiao Feng
Screenplay Xin Yu
Genres Mystery, Drama
Country China
Release Date Nov 6, 2020
Runtime 119 minutes

Plot Summary » Back to the Wharf

Fifteen years ago by an accident, the brilliant high school student Song Hao left his hometown and abandoned his original life path. Twenty-five years later, he returned to his hometown and everything seemed to have calmed down. Meeting with Pan Xiao Shuang's old classmate, he was blown away by a long absence. He decides to rediscover the scars he hadn't dared to touch for fifteen years, come to life and redeem himself that seemed impossible. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » Back to the Wharf

 image Zhang Yu - Song Hao
 Back to the Wharf Cast Candy Song - Pan Xiao Shuang

Supporting Cast » Back to the Wharf

  • Wang Yan Hui - Song Jian Fei
  • Lee Hong Chi - Li Tang
  • Chen Jin - Song Hao's Mother
  • Ancy Deng - Wan Xiao Ning
  • Zhou Zheng Jie - Song Hao (Young)

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