The Silent Criminal (Chinese Drama 2020)

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The Silent Criminal (Chinese drama)
Official Poster  The Silent Criminal Official Poster
Original title 双夭记
Subtitle English
A.k.a Shuang Yao Ji, 无主之战, Battle of No Master
Director Caiyu Dong
Screenwriter -
Genres Adventure, Historical, Mystery
Country China
Total Episodes 12
Release Date Nov 9, 2020
Airs On Monday
Broadcast Channel iQiyi
Runtime 30 min.

Plot Summary » The Silent Criminal

This drama is a martial arts story about the Uniform Embroided Guards who punishes evil and upholds justice. It revolves around Shi Jingyuan, who finds his way out of confusion and transforms step by step into a hero. At the same time, the tragic character of Emperor Zhu Changqing who dies before he succeeds in helping the world is portrayed. In the drama, the story explores the multiple themes of father and son, from estrangement to understanding, brotherly love and reconciliation of national and family enmity through compact events. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » The Silent Criminal

 The Silent Criminal Cast Leo Li - Shi Jing Yuan
 The Silent Criminal Main role Wen Sheng - Long Yao
 The Silent Criminal lead role Fu Shu Yang - Chen Xing Yi

Supporting Cast » The Silent Criminal

  • Lan Maeva - Li Huang Wu
  • Wang Zi Xin - Zhao Shan He
  • Yu Nai Jia - Zhao Ge
  • Meng Zi Di - Ma Song
  • Li Bao Er
  • Zheng Jian Wei

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