Be With You (Cdrama 2020)

Plot Summary » Be With You

A young cartoon artist deliberately approaches the cold and arrogant professor Ji Yan Xin. An honest girl, Qi Nian, hopes that her interactions with Ji Yan Xin will provide inspiration and creative material for her comic book plot. Coincidentally, Ji Yan Xin's younger brother Ji Si Qi becomes Qi Nian's assistant and a catalyst for development and blossoming relationships. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » Be With You

 Be With You Cast Ji Xiao Bing - Ji Yan Xin
 Be With You main role Zhang Ya Qin - Qi Nian

Supporting Cast » Be With You

  • Kylie Zhou - Lu Qing Wu
  • Yang Yu Tong - Ji Qiu
  • Marcus Li - Ji Si Qi
  • Xiang Hao - Xiao Li