To Love (Chinese drama 2020)

Plot Summary » To Love

Yan Jin, a businessman who used to work as a police officer, decided to investigate the drug trafficking case that caused the death of his best friend years ago. He decided to infiltrate the organization as an undercover cop, and in the process, he got acquainted with Ji Xiao'ou. This made Zhan Yu Meng, who was one-hearted with him, jealous. However, after that, Zhan Yu Meng was murdered and Yan Jin became the number one suspect. With the help of Ji Xiao'ou, Yan Jin began to erase his name and investigates the murder of his best friend. Edit Synopsis

Main Character » To Love

 To Love Cast Du Chun - Zhao Ting Hui
 To Love lead role Gai Cass - Ji Xiao Ou
 To Love main role Kenny Lin - Yan Jin

Supporting Cast » To Love

  • Li Kun Lin - Feng Wei Xing
  • Li Qing - Zhan Yu (Genius violinist)
  • Lin Le Xuan - Zhou Shuang
  • Liu Ming Ming - Cheng Rui Min
  • Amanda Qin
  • Wei Zi
  • Lin Cheng
  • Feng Joyce
  • Max Luan
  • Qian Jie
  • Ringo Yu