Unbending Will (Chinese drama 2020)

Plot Summary » Unbending Will

About the young official of Dai Zhiqiang Village, who leads the villagers of Lian Xi Village in Dendrobium industry development and poverty reduction. Edit Synopsis

Unbending Will (Chinese drama)
Official Poster  Unbending Will Official Poster
Original title 石头开花
Subtitle English
A.k.a Shi Tou Kai Hua
Director Hui Kai Dong, Zhang Duo Fu, Li Shao Hong, Xu Zong Zheng, Teng Hua Tao, Liu Jia Cheng
Screenwriter He Qing, Yang Wei Wei, Zhang Qiang
Genres Business, Life
Country China
Total Episodes 20
Release Date Nov 17, 2020 / Nov 26, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel ZJTV, Dragon TV, JSTV
Runtime 45 min.

Main Cast » Unbending Will

  • Guo Tao - Qing Shan Bu Fu Ren
  • Sun Qian - Qing Shan Bu Fu Ren
  • Fu Da Long - Wu Fei Fei (Qing Shan Bu Fu Ren)
  • Hai Yi Tian - Qing Shan Bu Fu Ren
  • Zhang Duo - Jin Hao Yu (Ku Cun Qing)
  • Du Yuan - Ku Cun Qing
  • Li Guang Jie - Liang Qi (Qi Yue De Ba Huo)
  • Zheng Yun Long - Qi Yue De Ba Huo
  • Gan Ting Ting - Qi Yue De Ba Huo
  • Lei Han - Qi Yue De Ba Huo
  • Xu Wen Guang - Xin Ren
  • Ray Ma - Dai Zhi Qiang (Nu Fang De Shan Hua)
  • Lin Yong Jian - Xin Ren
  • Jia Qing - Nu Fang De Shan Hua
  • Andrew Yin - Zui Hou De Tu Fang
  • Feng Joyce - Peng Li (Zui Hou De Tu Fang)
  • Yu Xiao Guang - Guan Xiang Ming (Shan Na Bian)
  • Li Bao An - Zui Hou De Tu Fang
  • Ma Shu Liang - Yun Zhai Da Guan Lan
  • Tang Zeng - Qian Bai Yao
  • Cecilia Han - Wu Qiong (Qian Bai Yao)
  • Han Tong Sheng - Qian Bai Yao
  • Gong Han Lin - Ku Cun Qing
  • Wang Ya Jie - Ku Cun Qing
  • Huang Lu - San Yue San

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