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Plot Summary » Forever Love

About the story of Jiang Zhen Han and Xia Lin Xi, high school classmates who experience love for the first time. From studying with the university to becoming colleagues at work. A timeless love, from youth to adulthood, from school uniforms to wedding dresses. This is the romantic journey of Zhen Han and Lin Yi, who eventually become husband and wife. Edit Synopsis

Details » Forever Love
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Original title 百岁之好,一言为定
Subtitle English
A.k.a One Hundred Years Old is Good, Bai nian zhi hao, yi yan wei ding
Director Wen De Guang
Screenwriter -
Genres Friendship, Youth, School, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 28
Release Date Dec 14, 2020 / Dec 28, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.

Main Character » Forever Love

     Forever Love Cast
  • Wang An Yu - Jiang Zhen Han
  •  Forever Love main role
  • Xiang Han Zhi - Xia Lin Xi

Supporting Cast » Forever Love

  • Chen Ze - Chen Yi Chuan
  • Pan Mei Ye - Gu Xiao Man
  • Zhao Hao Hong - Zhang Huai Wu
  • Yang Yue - Shi Ying
  • Xu Le Wei - Xu Zhi Li
  • Tong Nian - Shen Wen Yue
  • Yuan Hao - Qin Yue
  • Jiang Rui Ze - Zhuang Fei
  • Chi Ning Ning
  • Miao Xi Lun - Duan Ning
  • Fan Zhen - Chu Qiu Yan

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  1. What an amazing drama? I 100% recommend anyone to watch this cause it's really really amazing

  2. After love 020 of 2016 this is the most beautiful and heartwarming love story I watched. I am super happy for this story, from plot to the characters. What made it special is that despite that the lead cast are just new they really portrayed the character well. I even sign up to give a recommendation and review for this super loved story.
    For 2020, I am super addicted to the Chinese drama that this help me to survive the year. I am really a Chinese drama fanatic and I envy the Chinese as there are a lots of beautiful stories that I treasured from them. It's my habit before I watch it I checked the mydramalist for the feedback and rating so far they really good for the recommendation just for 2020 I got a lots of favorite like Skate into love, go go squid, my generals lady, love is sweet, perfect and casual ,
    chef hua, but for now I will be biased to this I thought my number 1 will still be love 020 but it appears that this will now be my overall number 1 romantic chinese drama I've watched. I must admit that tthe ML looks like YangYang , also it has the combination of all my favorite stories.All of the readers who was able to read the list of cdrama i mentioned once watch this can super relate. I really love the main characters as they are all both goodlooking and super smart. I cannot imagine that the male lead is a combination of the characters that I super loved Xiao Nai (YangYang), BIng (Skate into love) and Han ShangYan ( Li Xian) . For the female lead she is like Bei Wei
    wei (Zheng Shuang, ) super smart, goddess, independent and super sensible girl. I loved their loveteam I super wish they will become couple in real life. It will be hard for me to forget this I will surely rewatched it 100x like what i did with love 020 and skate into love.

    Super recommended I will surely be a super fan for their loveteam wish them to see on another show but hoping a good love story
    like this.

    FOREVER LOVE will surely be a big hit like the love 020. Perfect 10 is not enough I will hope that many will be able to watched this I am sure you that you will look forward for each episode.

  3. This was so good. During COVID in the USA I started watching K dramas and Chinese Dramas and fell in love with them. I even got a viki subscription to support my habit. This is the best Chinese drama I have seen since Meteor Garden. Meteor Garden is still my favorite Chinese drama but now this is my second favorite. The story is so beautiful. The lead actor and actress were AMAZING. The lead guy Zheng has got so much swag ..its insane. He was just so damn cool even as a sap in love. This is worth the watch and your going to want to watch it all over again as soon as you finish it. It deserves more than the highest rating.

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