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Plot Summary » Handmade Love

A romance fantasy about woven descending to the human world to heal human sadness with clothes.

A romance/fantasy featuring the newly arrived cursed god Woven on Earth. He must design and create a costume that comforts humans so he can re-enter heaven. Together with his savvy assistants Joey and Han Sarang, they successfully heal the emotional wounds of their clientele. Edit Synopsis

Details » Handmade Love
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Original title 핸드메이드 러브
Subtitle English
A.k.a Haendeumeideu Leobeu
Director -
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 8
Release Date Dec 11, 2020 / Jan 5, 2021
Airs On Tuesday, Friday
Broadcast Channel tvN
Runtime 19 min.
Where to Watch Handmade Love with English Subtitles
tvN D STORY (Eng Sub)

Main Character » Handmade Love

     Handmade Love Cast
  • Lee Soo Hyuk - Woven
  •  Handmade Love main role
  • Lee Su Ji - Han Sa Rang
  •  Handmade Love main role
  • Park Seung Ji - Joey

Supporting Cast » Handmade Love

  • Seo Jung Yeon - Baek Kang Soon
  • Choi Su Jin - Do Ji Soo
  • Moon Ji Hoo - Lee Jung Woo
  • Lee Young Jin

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  1. Hello Dear Friends,
    I watched this kdrama to be distracted during the current life events taking place all over our planet..but my heart became attached to the story, characters and life lessons that were being learned - by each person that needed help/answers/retribution... Seeing the answer arrive that one actually needs - versus the initial desired goal - was a realistic point, often missed in our personal lives! I enjoyed seeing the love and nuances of relationships (depth, growth, misunderstandings being cleared) that was shared in the lives of each character --- as well as, the anticipation of the blooming love that is yet develop (in the continuation of this Epic In The Making).. I took a holiday in 2000 - I went to Seoul for a couple of weeks and was enamored with all I experienced!!!! The people, history, music and food left a permanent heart stamp, within me!!!
    My Holy Bible leads me in life - and Asian Culture relaxes and makes me smile!!! Please --- continue the story!!! I repeatedly watch this (and a list of other faves) - that make my heart smile!!! Live lovingly - the best is yet to be !!

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