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Synopsis » Imitation

“Imitation” (Korean: 이미테이션) is a 2021 South Korean television series based on the webtoon of the same name by Park Kyung-Ran which is first published from September 30, 2014 to April 15, 2020

"Imitation" is about the lives of idols in the entertainment industry. Webtoon is popular worldwide with more than 3.73 million registered users on the Kakao Site and more than 600,000 registered comments.

Jung Ji So, Minseo and Lim Nayoung have been selected as members of the girl group Tea Party. Jung Ji So will play the role of Maha, the center of a girl group, a talented dancer and also entering the acting field. Lim Nayoung will play Hyun Ji, the former center and visual of the Tea Party, while Minseo will play the role of Ria, the leader and lead vocalist of Tea Party. T-a's Jiyeon has been cast as Larima, the top female solo artist among idols.

U-KISS's Jun, SF9's Chani, and Hwiyoung, Jongho, Yuri, and Ahn Jung Hoon of ATEEZ have been selected as members of the boy group SHAX. SHAX is the top boy group that dominates U- KISS will play Kwon Ryoc, the group's centerpiece, combining talent, good looks and beloved clumsiness.

Ma-Ha (Jung Ji-So) is a member of the girl group Teaparty. Other members are Ri-A (Minseo) and Hyun-Ji (Lim Na-Young). Since their debut, they have not been very successful. Actress Ma-Ha gained attention due to her resemblance to popular singer Ri-Ma (Park Ji-Yeon). Teaparty takes part in reality TV shows, with popular idol groups participating in sporting events, Ma-ha wants to capture the attention of the audience. Meanwhile, Kwon Ryeok (Lee Jun-Young) is a member of the popular boy group Shax. He loves to sing, dance and act well in dramas. He also values keeping success. He doesn't like Ma-Ha who imitates popular singer Ri-Ma. During the TV show, boy group Shax's Hyeok (Jong Ho) was injured as Ma-Ha Kwon Ryeok burst into anger at Maha. She has also been hated by others. Ma-Ha doesn't want to see Kwon Ryeok anymore, but they crossed paths on TV shows and while doing dramas.Edit Synopsis

Details » Imitation
Official Poster  Imitation Poster
Original title 이미테이션
Subtitle English
A.k.a imiteisyeon
Director Han Hyun Hee
Screenwriter -
Genres Music, Romance, Comedy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 12
Release Date May 7, 2021 / Jul 23, 2021
Airs On Friday
Broadcast Channel KBS2, Viki
Runtime 1 hr. 10 min.

Main Character » Imitation

     Imitation Cast
  • Jeong Ji So - Ma Ha
  •  Imitation main role
  • Lee Jun Young - Kwon Ryok
  •  Imitation Lead actors
  • Jeong Yun Ho - Yu Jin
  •  Imitation Lead actors
  • Park Ji Yeon - La Ri Ma

Supporting Cast » Imitation

  • Hwi Young - Lee Hyun (Shax member)
  • Chani - Eun Jo
  • Im Na Young - Hyun Ji (Teaparty member)
  • Ahn Danny - Ji Hak (Agency CEO)
  • Choi Jong Ho - Hyuk (Shax member)
  • Ahn Jung Hun - Jae Woo (Shax member)
  • Lee Soo Woong - Hyun Oh (Sparkling member)
  • Choi San - Min Su (Sparkling member)
  • Park Yu Ri - Do Jin (Shax member)
  • Kim Min Seo - Ria (Teaparty member)
  • Shim Eun Jin - Reporter Byun
  • Lee Hwi Seo - Tae Ri
  • Park Seong Hwa - Se Young (Sparkling member)

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