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Plot Summary » River Where the Moon Rises

'River Where the Moon Rises' relives the love story of Pyeonggang and On dal, the main characters in the classic Goguryeo folktale. Pyeonggang, also known as Yeom Ga Jin, is an ambitious woman who dreams of becoming the first woman to lead Goguryeo, and uses Ondal's emotions to achieve her goals.

Kim So-hyun plays Pyeonggang, who was born a princess and raised a soldier. She is smart and mediocre. Jisoo was cast in the role of Ondal, a pure man who loves peace that goes against his principles to keep peace. Kang Ha neul takes on the roles of Ondal's father On hyup, Sunnobu tribe chief, and Goguryeo general.

Lee Ji-hoon plays the perfect elite general Go Gun in every way. For the first time in his life, she wants to make Pyeonggang in his own form and enters a fierce fight for her heart.

Choi Yoo Hwa will be Hae Mo Yong who intends to control Goguryeo and play with it however she wants. She is a woman with a beautiful face, a meticulous personality, a special power of vision, and is her own great secret. Hae Mo Young falls in love with Go Geon and adds excitement to the drama.Edit Synopsis

Details » River Where the Moon Rises
Official Poster  River Where the Moon Rises Poster
Original title 달이뜨는강
Subtitle English
A.k.a Cut to the Heart, Cut From The Heart, Pyeongkang, Cut by the Heart, The Moon Rising River,
Dalyi Ddeuneun Gang, Maeume Beida, Dali Tteuneun Gang, Cut By The Heart,
마음에 베이다, Moonlit River
Director Yoon Sang Ho
Screenwriter Han Ji Hoon
Genres Historical, Political, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 20
Release Date Feb 15, 2021
End Date Apr 20, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast on KBS2, ViuTV, Viki
Runtime 1 hr. 5 min.

Main Character » River Where the Moon Rises

     River Where the Moon Rises Cast
  • Kim Ji Soo - On Dal
  •  River Where the Moon Rises main role
  • Kim So Hyun - Pyeong Gang / Yeom Ga Jin
  •  River Where the Moon Rises Lead actors
  • Lee Ji Hoon - Go Geon
  •  River Where the Moon Rises Lead actors
  • Choi Yoo Hwa - Hae Mo Yong

Supporting Cast » River Where the Moon Rises

  • Wang Bit Na - Jin Bi
  • Lee Hae Young - Pyo Go Won
  • Yoon Joo Man - Go Sang Cheol
  • Kim Bup Rae - King Pyeong Won
  • Kim Hee Jung - Tarajin
  • Hwang Young Hee - Sa
  • Heo Yool - Wol Yi
  • Ki Eun Se - Hyun Bi
  • Jung Eun Pyo - Uhm Deuk
  • Ryu Eui Hyun - Tarasan (Tarajin's twin brother and Gajin's close friend)
  • Kim Jung Young - Gong Son (Nanny madam)
  • Ahn Shin Woo - Kim Pyeong Ji
  • Park Sang Hoon - Go Won
  • Seo Dong Hyun

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