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Plot Summary » Joseon Exorcist

It is set after the founding of the Joseon Dynasty and is about the dead who come back to life after being killed by the royal family. Prince Chung Nyung is a young man forced to join the fight to protect Joseon from evil spirits. King Taejong is a cold-blooded king who sets out to control the evil spirits that have taken over the kingdom. But secretly conceals the guilt of the bloodshed he has participated in to help his father establish the Joseon Dynasty. Prince Yangnyeong made a dangerous pact with evil spirits to protect his loved ones. Edit Synopsis

Details » Joseon Exorcist
Official Poster  Joseon Exorcist Poster
Original title 조선구마사
Subtitle English
A.k.a Chosun Gumasa, Joseongumasa, Joseon Gumasa, Chosungumasa
Director Shin Kyung Soo
Screenwriter Park Kye Ok
Genres Action, Fantasy, Historical
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Release Date Mar 22, 2021
End Date May 11, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast Channel SBS
Runtime 1 hr. 10 min.

Main Character » Joseon Exorcist

     Joseon Exorcist Cast
  • Park Sung Hoon - Prince Yang Nyung
  •  Joseon Exorcist main role
  • Jang Dong Yoon - Prince Chung Nyung
  •  Joseon Exorcist Lead actors
  • Kam Woo Sung - King Tae Jong
  •  Joseon Exorcist Lead actors
  • Kim Dong Jun - Byeo Ri
  •  Joseon Exorcist Lead actors
  • Lee Yoo Bi - Eo Ri
  •  Joseon Exorcist Lead actors
  • Jung Hye Sung - Mu Hwa
 Joseon Exorcist Cast Geum Sae Rok - Hye Yum

Supporting Cast » Joseon Exorcist

  • Min Jin Woong - Ying Chun
  • Seo Dong Won - Marco
  • Seo Young Hee - Tae Jong's wife
  • Oh Eui Shik - Ji Gyeom
  • Hong Woo Jin - Hong Seok Jung
  • Choi Moo Sung - Mak Chi
  • Moon Woo Jin - Kang Nyung
  • David McInnis - Nicholas
  • Han Kyu Won - Hong Min Je

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