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Plot Summary » The Rebel Princess

Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi agreed for the sake of power. They got married before falling in love and working together to protect the homeland. She was a woman no less than any man as he rose from humble beginnings.

The imperial dynasty had turned rotten to the core. The nobility was lavish regardless of the people Princess Wang Xuan and her childhood sweetheart, the Third Prince, became the pawn of the prophecy that stated 'to acquire thee is to obtain the world.' Wang Xuan was drawn into the court story, her father married Xiao Qi, who was from a poor family. On his wedding night, Xiao Qi was forced to leave the capital. Wang Xuan felt embarrassed and discouraged. Prince Hale kidnaps Wang Xuan in order to get revenge on Xiao Qi. The crisis they face turned into a disguise blessing for both. Wang Xuan was deeply moved and inspired by Xiao Qi's desire to bring peace and prosperity to the nation, and they fell in love with each other.

However, the situation threatened to destroy them, the Wang and Xie Clan were fighting for power, the Imperial Consort planned to separate the husband and wife, the soldiers rebelled while the Helan Clan raised their flags in the rebellion. Wang Xuan spent all his life to bring the third prince to safety. She led the army to protect the last stronghold in hopes that Xiao Qi would arrive in time with reinforcements.

The series adapted from the Mei Yu Zhe's novel "Emperor's Conquest" (帝王业)Edit Synopsis

Details » The Rebel Princess
Official Poster  The Rebel Princess Poster
Original title 上阳赋
Subtitle English
A.k.a Emperor Phoenix, Di Feng Ye, Shang Yang Fu, Jiang Shan Gu Ren,
Jiāngshān Gùrén, 帝凰业, 帝王业, 江山故人, Monarch Industry
Director Cheng Yuan Hai, Hou Yong
Screenwriter 罗松 Song Luo
Genres Romance, Historical, Life
Country China
Total Episodes 68
Release Date Jan 9, 2021 / Feb 25, 2021
Airs On Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Main Character » The Rebel Princess

     The Rebel Princess Cast
  • Zhang Zi Yi - Wang Xuan
  •  The Rebel Princess main role
  • Zhou Yi Wei - Xiao Qi

Supporting Cast » The Rebel Princess

  • Angie Chiu - Elder Princess
  • Kara Hui - Royal Consort Gui
  • Liu Yun - Su Jin Er
  • Tony Yang - Zi Dan
  • Purba Rgyal - Zi Lu
  • Heidi Wang - Empress Dowager
  • Yu He Wei - Wang Lin
  • Jiang Kai - Emperor
  • Justin Yuan - He Lan Zhen
  • Jia Yi Ping - Wang Yi Su
  • Zuo Xiao Qing - Xie Wan Ru
  • Zeng Yi Xuan - Wang Qian
  • Sun Jia Lu - Gu Cai Wei
  • Karina Hai - Hu Yao
  • Jiang Bai Xuan - Xie Yuan
  • Wu Yu Juan - Aunt Tu
  • Coco Shi - Empress Wang
  • Rolling Wang - He Lan Tuo
  • Li Yu Xuan - Mou Lian
  • Guo Jia Ming - Zi Long
  • Liu Duan Duan - Song Huai En
  • Wang Jing Yan - Xiao Ye
  • Wesley Wong - Gu Min Wen
  • Chen Jin Ru - Heng Yan
  • Zheng Yu - Wen Zong Zhen
  • Wang Yi Fan - Hu Ye Qi
  • Hou Xiao - Hu Guang Lie
  • Liu Fang - Nanny Wei
  • Zhou Xiao Chuan - Suo Tu
  • Zhang Xing - Zhe Wang Yi
  • Wen Yu Qi - Yun Chang
  • Peng Bo - Tang Jing
  • Ren Long - Gu Xiao
  • Neil Cao - Pang Gui

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