Historical Drama: Weaving a Tale of Love (2021)

Plot Summary » Weaving a Tale of Love

During the reign (627 - 649) of Emperor Taizong, known as Prosperity of Zhenguan, The highest-ranking female Tailoring dept. officer has a daughter named Liu Li. However, it was prophesied that she could never touch the needle and thread. When Liu Li was 5 years old, she woke up to find her memories wiped out and her mother was in trouble, she was accepted by her good friend Zhuo Jinniang. She begins her palace training on how to become a royal patriarch. When she was sixteen, Sun Decheng, the eunuch who looked down on her the most, passed away and instructed her to escape from the palace; and her uncle also told her that her mother wanted her to live like a normal person. Pei Xingjian's appearance also intensified her desire to live outside the palace. However, Liu Li's talent for sewing clothes began to attract attention in the palace, making those around him jealous. Pei Xingjian must save Liu Li from many dangers in the palace. He eventually discovered that the culprit behind these incidents was Zhuo Jinniang, who also harmed Liu Li's mother, and she recruited Liu Li out of fear that the former would overtake her. After learning the truth, Liu Li decided to take revenge. Finally achieving peace of mind, Liu Li decides to escape from the palace and spend the rest of her life with her loved one in the western regions. Edit Synopsis

Details » Weaving a Tale of Love
Official Poster  Weaving a Tale of Love Poster
Original title 风起霓裳
Subtitle English
A.k.a Da Tang Ming Yue, 大唐明月, Feng Qi Ni Chang
Director Chan Ka Lam, He Zhen Hua
Screenwriter Mei Ying Ju
Genres Historical, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date Jan 27, 2021
End Date Feb 22, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Where to watch Youku, Hunan TV, Viki, China Zone
Runtime 45 min.

Main Character » Weaving a Tale of Love

     Weaving a Tale of Love Cast
  • Timmy Xu - Pei Xing Jian
  •  Weaving a Tale of Love main role
  • Gülnezer Bextiyar - Kudi Liu Li / Xiao Dou Z
  •  Weaving a Tale of Love Lead actors
  • Zhao Shun Ran - Li Zhi (Gaozong Emperor)
  •  Weaving a Tale of Love Lead actors
  • Kira Shi - Wu Mei Niang

Supporting Cast » Weaving a Tale of Love

  • Chen Jin Ru - Deng Qi Niang
  • Feng Ming Jing - Wang Quan Sheng
  • Li Xin Yi - Zhuo Jin Niang
  • Yu Hong Chuan - Sun De Cheng
  • Ma Jing Jing - Pu Ba Qian
  • Sun Wei - Kudi Yan Zhong
  • Nagima - A Bi
  • Zhang Wan Yi - Prince Cao
  • Ran Qian - Madame Cao
  • Li Bai Yi - Pei Yan
  • Ever Wang - A Cheng
  • Paul Yu - Xiao Shun Zi
  • Chen Chu Huan - Prince Fu
  • Yang Xue - A Ni
  • Chen Shuo - Shan Hu
  • Xi Yu Li - Consort Yang
  • Huo Xing Yu - Pei Ru Zhuo
  • Nicky Zhang - Lu Jin Niang
  • Crystal Chen - Lin Shang Fu
  • Wang Lu - Hua Tian
  • Liu Kai fei - Madame Lu
  • Yu Yan Kai - Su Ding Fang
  • Zhu Wen Chao - Hao Kun
  • Zhang Jing Tong - Madame Yu
  • Kenneth Zhu - Assistant General Fang
  • Zhang Hang Yu - Wei Lin
  • Tang Fei - Dan Qing

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