Web Movie: The Unbeatable (2021)

Plot Summary » The Unbeatable

The story of Li Jinrong, the daughter of Li Zheng (the leader of the 48-mountain stronghold), and Zhou Fei's mother, and how she transforms and matures from a carefree girl who is fearless to becoming a brother Heroes of the same generation as her, seeking revenge and redemption. Despite being the only descendant of the "Po Xue Knife", she is not in the pain of losing her father and homeland, and instead always tries to face challenges and sacrifice. In the end, she realized the true meaning of chivalry, and dismissed the desire for revenge for the greater good of humans. Edit Synopsis

Details » The Unbeatable
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Original title 有匪破雪斩
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Subtitle English
A.k.a 有匪之子夜歌, You Fei Zhi Ye Zi Ge, You Fei Po Xue Zhan,
Legend of Fei, Legend of Fei: Midnight Song, Ye Zi Ge
Director Yuan Meng
Screenwriter -
Genres Action, Wuxia, Historical Adventure
Country China
Release Date Jan 26, 2021
End Date
Runtime -

Main Character » The Unbeatable

     The Unbeatable Cast
  • Gavin Gao - Zhou Yi Tang
  •  The Unbeatable main role
  • Han Cong Cong - Li Jin Rong

Supporting Cast » The Unbeatable

  • Chuo Ni - Duan Jiu Niang
  • Ning Xiao Hua - Sect Leader Song
  • Yu Xin Bo - Shen Tian Qu
  • Cui Peng - Li Wei

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